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  • shirleyponto@sbcglobal.net
    Apr 3, 2006
      Dear Loved Ones:
      When you see something or someone special in this world of ours,
      I can't help but commemorate:
      When someone is a special comforting tower of light :
      Totally compassionate,
      Possesses a tranquilizing power,
      Capable of rejuvenating our spirit,
      At any time, never hesitates,
      To help, soothe, comfort with understanding wisdom.
      This is a gift of God,
      He placed a special, rare , flower,
      A flower of the gift of compassion, wisdom and love.
      In turn may I always be able to also facilitate such kindness and tenderheartedness to all that Spirit brings into my life.
      The Dove of Peace, the Heart so full with the Golden Essence of God's love for the Divine in all is indeed a rare and most beautiful lotus flower.
      Thank you dear hearts, for your shining Light, for you radiant Joy, and your sharing the Wisdom as well as your love.
      Angel and Dolphin Hugs for a Radiant Rainbow Day!
      Love, Light, Joy and Peaceful Blessings,
      Shirley Irene
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