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30035Re: << lovingpurelove >> Seashores ~ A New Poem by me

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  • Danielle Rathbun
    Apr 2, 2006
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      What beautiful poems. Thank you for sending these.

      nachiketan <nachiketan@...> wrote:

      Dear Hearts,
      I have been wanting to write this poem that I felt in my heart about the two seashores that are bridged by the sea..on both ends of it..
      They seemed like two persons to me..Any two persons..who share something between them..knowingly or unknowingly..inspite of the vast differences that maybe there within them.
      How many lives of different times come to be one and the same..when they are felt by Heart that loves..how our pain is the same..even though we feel it for the loss of seemingly different things of life..and of how even our joys are the same..even though we may want, feel it for different reasons..reasons of our own..
      There is only Joy..its in knowing, feeling of Love..of Connection to ones self..to God..and to the world..
      There is only one Pain..of being separated..of being disjointed from what we feel, love as our own..
      And the sea brings us to be this Love and Pain..to be this Me and You that we live to be in our life..
      The poem isint perfection of art..by no degree..but its something that bring out the inner me to form..and lets me come to life.
      When I write a poem I feel like living the Moment that I have been searching for all My Life..
      With Much Love & Gentle Hugs,
      Part 1
      There I see  pain in someones heart..and it pricks me as to be my own..
      and it hurts..the heart cries..weeps for the loss...the pain..the noise..chaos..
      being separated from God..so it feels..in losing something that you Love..
      and I stand like others..alone to fend my fears, tears and pain..
      even though I know that these tears are of us all..
      of all who breathe life inside and breathe out love..
      to give, to share, to blossom life of Every seed of Time
      the sea of time flows between me and them..
      bringing storms that worry..and soothing waves of peace
      the myraid faces of the sea
      and how we come to be as Two seashores
      on either ends of the sea..
      Part 2
      Two seashores that share Sea.
      as they stand before the sun, the moon, the stars and the sky
      They watch the thunderstorms..and the angry sea
      and the calming sea flowing so silently
      They stand timelessly..weeping for the loss in the sunset
      and smiling with hope with every sunrise.
      every day brings a different destiny to them
      renewing their friendship for life between them
      and Time tells their stories
      of the tears shed..of their fears..
      of friendship, Love shared between them
      Through it all they remain as Friends
      separated yet joined..by the sea of Love & Pain

      You must love yourself before you can truely love anyone else.

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