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  • Virginia S.
    Apr 1, 2006
      Thank you Roxy .. this was a great service to offer.
      About runes ..
      do check out PMH Atwater's Goddess Ruins, when you have the chance.  I had someone pick very special river rocks to make them for me (small and smooth) and then painted on the symbols with a sense of spiritual dedication.  They are more special to me as others were involved in the gifting of them to me -- and because my spirit is entrusted to them.
      I  believe that they are wonderful to work with as they seem to tap into one's feminine intuition in a deeper way.

      Danielle Rathbun <bronxnygirl2002@...> wrote:
      I would like to have some information on Runes.

      ROXANNE YOUNG <my4by4forus@...> wrote:
      Does anyone have a subject , interest.  Or totem they wish to teach or learn about?   Roxy

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