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28869Re: << lovingpurelove >> A Day with a Destiny of its Own

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  • Nachi
    Feb 28, 2006
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      Dear Virginia & Dear Mike,


      Thank You so much for replying..

      Virginia..I wrote to in black out and haste..in private..and wished only if I could have waited for some sense to arrive in my head..
      Sorry to know about the things that kept you and your son in pain, frustration.. Hope just as these tides of time have kept you overwhelmed..new tides will sail both of You to safer, better places inside and outside..Take Care.. Prayers, Love, Blessings


      Mike...what I wanted to ask actually was that how some days we are in natural alignment with the spirit, flow..and things seem to happen on their own accord..with complete ease..and no efforts..where as some days are so trying..and even if one tries not to mess up or be in flow..one falls down on the ground like a egg only to have a big flip flop..

      I dont get it..how it happens..While optimism is good.and I have tried it in much as quantity that I can find in my heart..it doesnt always helps..its like I try to bring good to the day..but its been perdecided by some force above me..that all I can do is to go with or underneath the tide..and swim with it..

      Hope today comes out to be Useful Day that will matter and make positive difference in my life..Wishing the Same for All.

      Much Love,

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