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278Re: Fw: 11 Taurus, The Angels of Hypnotherapy

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  • pmenendez@myexcel.com
    May 3, 2001
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      Dear Mike,

      Thank you so much for sending this piece. What a grand description
      of what it means to be God-Awakened. If only every being were to
      know the beauty, joy, love, illumination, wisdom, and unity with All-

      The words spoken by these angels are the same that I am trying to
      share with others, as we are all the great spiritual family of God,
      and we have All-That-Is and one another to help us remain fully
      conscious within the I AM Presence.

      I was particularly interested in the healing technique at the
      beginning of the article. It was extremely refreshing as I worked it
      on myself.

      Keep them coming, Mike.

      With love and gratitude.

      --- In lovingpurelove@y..., "Mike Macklin" <avalonpa@f...> wrote:
      > Dear Group ,
      > This is my first attempt at bringing something out of the etheral
      realm. If indeed I am sucessful please enjoy.
      > Mike
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