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  • Patti
    Jan 11, 2006
      Hello Sweet Nachi:
      I am so happy that you are again sharing your poetry with us more often now.   Any time you leave us for any length of time, you are missed much more than you could ever know. You really have such a beautiful way with words that it always does my heart good to read them because they seem to come straight from your heart.
      Boy, can I relate to you when you say that you have waited all your life for something wonderful or special to happen to you!  I seem to have done the same thing.  While I have reached some of my goals in life, such as to marry and have children, I accomplished  those, and even though I no longer have a husband, I did have a couple of them for a time.  I now believe in my heart that maybe I was never supposed to be married forever because I really do not miss having a husband any more, but that maybe I was just meant to have my children so they could carry on my legacy, whatever that may be.
      I also never achieved fame or fortune even though I had a very good job at the end of my career, one that I ended up liking so much that I was upset when I had to retire because of my age.  But I spent many years working, just to make earn money, without really enjoying my job.  In fact, it was only the last four years of my employment that I truly enjoyed my job and could have worked in the same job forever.
      Like you, I have always wanted a lot of friends, wonderful friends with whom I can share my life and my feelings, at least once in a while. I have had a few along the way, but I have also been disappointed to the core of my being by some of them because when I love, whether it is a lover, a friend or something like a song, I love deeply and totally and having trusted the wrong person, many times, I have been hurt to the bottom of my soul, more times than I care to remember.  
      So my having a lot of friends around me has not panned out the way I would have liked, a lot of which I have attribute to myself and my unwillingness to get as close as I would like any more.  I now tend to keep people at arm's length because of my fear of being hurt, so my only true friends, any more, are people on-line like you and Polly and Cynthia, some people from the TAAWY group and some of the other groups I subscribe to and some other people I have met on-line.   That is why I open myself up so much on-line because this is really my only avenue to get my feelings out and to open myself up because all of you are really the only people I trust any more to share my feelings with since I do not feel that any of you would ever hurt me deliberately.  Others that I know and whom I once considered my friends, I am not so sure about.
      That is why I love these messages from you because you seem to have also been hurt along the way which probably is what makes me able to relate to you and what you are saying.  Through your words and my trying to understand where you are coming from and what you are saying, I believe that I will be able to slowly gain my trust in others back.  So, for me, this is a very good thing, because maybe one of these days, I will be able to trust everyone totally again and that would probably be one of the greatest things that could happen to me.  Trust is such a fragile thing and once it has been misused or broken, it is extremely hard to get it back.  But maybe through people like you, who are so able to express themselves and to share their deepest feelings with others, I will once again learn to be the trusting soul I once was.
      Thanks so much, Nachi, for being the person you are and for being willing to share your heart and soul with us through your words.  You are most definitely a very special and wonderful person, a role model for all of us to strive to become.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      P.S.  I wanted to use the song 'You Are My Special Angel' which I found that I do not have, and then I wanted to use the song 'You Raise Me Up' -- the one with the words, but I did not have it either.  So if any of you have either of these songs in your midi files, could you please share them with me, preferably the ones with the words, if possible?  I ended up using this one which is 'You Raise Me Up' in instrumental form, but I would so love to have the one by Josh Groban, if anyone has in their midi files, that is.  I love both of these songs, but I really love them when I can hear the words.
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      nachiketan2001 <nachiketan@...> wrote:
      Dear Virginia,


      our whole lives we wait..for something..Some wait for fame, some for money, others wait for Mr.  or Miss Right..

      I have waited all my life to reach out and make as many friends as I can before I die..because I have always suspected that God lies in this beautiful relationship that lives in union of bond lived in equiminity~unselfish joy of sharing..

      It feels so nice that You felt love, freindship for me.

      Couple of pieces that Your message inspired me to write..

      I have shared them below..I hope You will like it.

      Thanks for Your Kind Reply,

      Wishing You A Wonderful Day Ahead,

      With Much Love,



      Something that I have always believed in..

      That even before we get to know our friends..
      we are connected by a invisible thread of bond
      that gets revealed suddenly, untied slowly
      by a divine hand..
      I am Blessed by this revealation
      to know of gaining a Friend..
      by a unknown minute, hour..
      I wait and hope for this magic
      to appear before me in my next hour,minute..
      this is what makes life a path of ceaseless wonder..


      I looked for God all my life..
      in various places, people, relationships,
      and I found something..
      that God existed in everything that I loved..
      and existed in but one relationship
      that of Friendship.
      if I could friend in me..and one outside in every relationship..
      I would then find God's company..

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