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  • Virginia S.
    Jan 11, 2006
      You have no idea how much those _expressions mean to me, Nachi.
       I believe that we are bound by powerful affinities in this life, cords to from our solar plexus to love and caring (also to resolving old dilemmas). 
      I also believe that the tribes and clans of love are gathering on the planet just now. 
      I think we are all have the chance to reflect the glory of God's real love, as we are part of a giant mirror he created.  It smashed to earth and the Universe, and we are all pieces.  The highest love we can give our Creator is to choose to reflect back all that light ... each piece having its own shape and glory.

      People often say to me ... if you are so smart, why aren't you rich?  Guess what?  It's not my priority and people that understand that understand Me.
      Oh, the world needs more people like you, my friend,
      Sat Nam,
      Namaste to you

      nachiketan2001 <nachiketan@...> wrote:
      Dear Virginia,


      our whole lives we wait..for something..Some wait for fame, some for money, others wait for Mr.  or Miss Right..

      I have waited all my life to reach out and make as many friends as I can before I die..because I have always suspected that God lies in this beautiful relationship that lives in union of bond lived in equiminity~unselfish joy of sharing..

      It feels so nice that You felt love, freindship for me.

      Couple of pieces that Your message inspired me to write..

      I have shared them below..I hope You will like it.

      Thanks for Your Kind Reply,

      Wishing You A Wonderful Day Ahead,

      With Much Love,



      Something that I have always believed in..

      That even before we get to know our friends..
      we are connected by a invisible thread of bond
      that gets revealed suddenly, untied slowly
      by a divine hand..
      I am Blessed by this revealation
      to know of gaining a Friend..
      by a unknown minute, hour..
      I wait and hope for this magic
      to appear before me in my next hour,minute..
      this is what makes life a path of ceaseless wonder..


      I looked for God all my life..
      in various places, people, relationships,
      and I found something..
      that God existed in everything that I loved..
      and existed in but one relationship
      that of Friendship.
      if I could friend in me..and one outside in every relationship..
      I would then find God's company..

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