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27388Something like Poems to share : Reply to Virginia

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  • nachiketan2001
    Jan 10, 2006
      Dear Virginia,


      our whole lives we wait..for something..Some wait for fame, some for money, others wait for Mr. or Miss Right..

      I have waited all my life to reach out and make as many friends as I can before I die..because I have always suspected that God lies in this beautiful relationship that lives in union of bond lived in equiminity~unselfish joy of sharing..

      It feels so nice that You felt love, freindship for me.

      Couple of pieces that Your message inspired me to write..

      I have shared them below..I hope You will like it.

      Thanks for Your Kind Reply,

      Wishing You A Wonderful Day Ahead,

      With Much Love,



      Something that I have always believed in..

      That even before we get to know our friends..
      we are connected by a invisible thread of bond
      that gets revealed suddenly, untied slowly
      by a divine hand..
      I am Blessed by this revealation
      to know of gaining a Friend..
      by a unknown minute, hour..
      I wait and hope for this magic
      to appear before me in my next hour,minute..
      this is what makes life a path of ceaseless wonder..


      I looked for God all my life..
      in various places, people, relationships,
      and I found something..
      that God existed in everything that I loved..
      and existed in but one relationship
      that of Friendship.
      if I could friend in me..and one outside in every relationship..
      I would then find God's company..
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