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  • Laura Wheeler
    Jan 7, 2006
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      Dear Cosmic Detective (I LOVE That!):


      Thanks for the book.  And welcome.  I find that lots of stuff is coming at me fast and furious and I am expanding with each piece that comes to me.   I look forward to reading your tome.



      Hello from My Heart


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      Subject: RE: << lovingpurelove >> Thank You


      Greetings Nachi (and group members).


      I AM new to this group, and your "Thank You" posting inspires the perfect opportunity for me to introduce myself, which I'm doing by gifting to YOU, and this group, a copy of my COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS Do-It-Yourself Manual <click the link to download direct to your computer an Adobe .pdf copy.


      As is clear to me, YOU have well described, what I think about as, your individual and personal Thinking, Seeking and Attainment of the 'INNER' KNOWING and conscious awareness of True Identity as a Soul Being - sentient aspect of the Source - presently in human form. In other words YOU have 'done-it-yourself' - with attaining, sustaining and maintaining Cosmic Consciousness. My purpose, in writing and publishing my COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS Do-It-Yourself Manual, is to inspire and assist others to do likewise. 


      Thank YOU for sharing with us details about your 'journey'. 


      ALL Faith, supported by Knowledge, PROTECTS.
      Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD
      AKA: INspector Out Rageous, Cosmic Detective
      Founder,  www.YOUtopiaINstitute.org 
      Tel: 619/584-0542

      What The BLEEP Do We Know!?    The movie and more...

      ON THE REAL "The outer voice representing the INNER voices."

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