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  • Virginia S.
    Jan 7, 2006
      How profound to read your words below.
      I looked at your picture long and hard.  I thought, "now here is a person I would like to have as a FRIEND." I wondered a bit about your life and how wonderful it was that you knew the picture was taken in a beautiful spot.
      Your soul SHOWS.  You touch many people, I am certain.
      Loving you,

      nachiketan2001 <nachiketan@...> wrote:
      Dear All,


      As a child I looked everywhere. I saw a friend who would paint well..
      I saw other who were good in students and earned good grades, marks..
      there were still others who earned medels and trophies in sports..
      and when I looked at myself..I didint see anything like that..
      I didint paint well enough to draw lifelike images..
      I used to draw animals..elephants..but they didint seem real..
      and it used to pain me..because I was desparately looking for a medium to share my message with the world..
      I was so bad with my language due to ADD that it took me ages to write in English..and I couldnt even tell time till I was in 10 year of schooling.
      I didint score well in exams to be a topline student..
      nor was I any good in sports..infact I ran away from any chance of playing in the field..

      I used to try so many times..thinking myself to be nothing..
      and asked God what it is that I have in me..
      how on earth could be a man who'd bring joy and wipe tears
      by being someone..being someone with the capability and skill and money and power to influence the world or even a person..to inspire, touch his/her heart..
      I did had this weird visions in me that maybe I am a Gods messenger and that these simple messages that I have in me..and my truths and as and how I feel them in me might give comfort to hearts.

      It wasnt ever easy to live with this conviction, faith..nor it was easy to speak it in any chance that I got..kids my age were just kids..and adults my age were, are more into life..making it..living it..than feeling it(the way I feel it)

      Thankfully by Gods grace..and his sheer kindness I found voices like me..and hearts that are kind to listen to and care for my truths. All of You..

      When I write poems, messages..I may not touch the level of art in it..rthyming words..arranging them into a sequence of a beatiful order of a flower arrangment..but my emphasis is on spreading the fragrance..any which ever way..however clumsy the flowers might be..at times..

      You dont know how grateful I am to You..for liking my truth..as and how I feel it. Thank You so much for being who You are..so kind, loving, compassionate in listening to a truth that comes from my heart.

      I am pleased that I can speak inspite of a medium..with simplicity..and more pleased to see that there are still many who care for such simplicity.

      I have found my reason to be in this world..It is to manifest into a wonderful being, with joy, being success in material and spiritual world..not by being special(as and how they call those  'special kids/adults' as if such kids are born with tringle shaped brains) or any more 'different' than others..in just being simple..and commonest among common..to inspire those like me..into being, manifesting Joy, abundance, Peace from fear, lackness..

      Thanking You Ever for listeing to my Truth, For Your Replies, Friendship and Love,

      God Bless You Always,

      Wishing You A Wonderful Weekend Ahead,

      With love,


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