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  • nachiketan@sify.com
    Jan 3, 2006
      Dear All,
      Thank You for sending Your Blessings and for your Kind replies to my poem, message.
      I believe that I have renewed my pact, journey..and have began to trust more, breathe more, feel more than before.
      There are still many things that I do not know how to change..in me and in my life..
      Sometimes I fear that what if I run out of time?
      I am praying to God..hoping that all my fears, doubts will be healed, answered by His Love, Grace..
      We all are essence of perfect harmony, song of spirit sung in peace, joy..I desire to manifest such magnificence in my life..living in joy, peace..sharing these Gifts and healing hearts, reflecting beauty and abundance to every heart.
      Thank You sooo much for answering to my call..for Your Friendship, Support & Love.
      God Bless You All,
      Wishing You A Wonderful Day AHead,
      With Much Love & Gentle Hugs,
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