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27004[ANGEL] 27 Sagittarius, The Angels of Miraculous Powers

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Dec 19, 2005
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      27 degrees Sagittarius

      conjunct Galactic Center

      The Angels of Miraculous Powers

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Agasoly’






      ‘We respond when phenomenal miracles must be performed for the highest good to manifest.’


      ‘Along with other orders of angels, when Divine Justice determines that miraculous intervention is necessary, we act’.



      The original blueprints of perfection for all Creation manifest through grace and mercy to fulfill the original Divine Will for the highest good of all, and to outpicture the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness and Life.


       All things are possible.


      Galactic Center is 27 degrees Sagitarius.


      Galactic Center is called the “Eye of Buddha” because it emits Miraculous Powers that uplift Earth and all that exist within the Galaxy.


      This eye shines with the most intense cosmic blessings, especially when Divine Justice and Harmony require intervention in the affairs of The Children of Light and Love.


      Galactic Center  is a step down transformer from the Great Central Sun, the center of many Galaxies.


      Our solar sun is a step down transformer of Divine Energy for Galactic Center.


      Creation is made of fractals, patterns within patterns within patterns, that repeat over and over from infinitly small to infinitly large. The physical fractal of The Central Sun found within the human brain is the “master gland”,

      the pineal gland, also termed “Eye of Buddha” in

      ancient scriptures.


      When a person looks at the sun, the pineal gland within the human brain becomes a step down transformer of the sun and the “Eye of Buddha” in the Heavens.


      This master gland produces over 20,000 psychotropic neuropeptides which determine consciousness and feeling in the body.


      By safely looking into the sun, such as at sunset or sunrise, anytime, but especially on this day, or into the moonlight which is the reflection of the light of the sun, the powers and feelings of ‘Agasoly’ easily enter the optic nerve and therefore directly enter the pineal gland on the physical level.


      Whenever conditions upon Earth are not the highest good of all concerned, we entreat people to actively align with the divine virtues of ‘Agasoly’. 


      In this way, Enlightenment, Grace and Mercy, transformation, all-penetrating-Omnipotence for the highest good of all, splendor and true spiritual morality and vitality move the Earth into a higher rhythm and cycle of Heaven on Earth.


      Here is one of our stories:




      Once upon a time a slight, tired politican named Harold sat dejectedly in a large ornate Senate chamber.

      It had been a long dark frustrating day, that seemed to drag on forever.


      Most of his exhausted worried colleagues had already left.  The few who remained gathered up their papers and stuffed them into their briefcases.


       Finally the chamber was emptied of everyone except him.


      He stood alone in the chamber, looking up at the ornate ceiling. All day his emotions had seesawed from resignation and sadness to hope, but at this very moment he was transfixed with inspiration.


       The terrible sufffocating responsibility that had weighed on his heart, indeed the world’s heart, had a few hours earlier had broken open to reveal a shaft of brilliant, blinding light of hope.  He had come across a book describing the teachings of the angels, and his fervent prayers for Heaven on Earth had been heard by the angels of ‘Agasoly’.


      They inspired his inward silence during the long afternoon’s session, so he had been amazed to see in his inner eye ingenious solutions pop up to dangerous international problems that had been debated for years by his fellow strategists.

      These solutions were amazing creative paradigm shifts.  He saw the way the world should be, and he felt complete confidence that grace and mercy would bring about whatever was needed for this perfection to manifest.


        All afternoon these brilliant solutions had presented themselves in vivid detail to his mind’s eye. He had excitedly taken copious notes, as one after another insight and new idea came through, all together comprising an overall solution, but what was he going to do with all these answers now?


      He was not naïve about the prospect of successfully introducing new agendas at this late stage of the session, but he knew that everyone was keenly aware that time was of the essence.


        If solutions were not brought forward now, he thought it would soon be to late to turn around the worst of the problems and disasters.


      He had always dealt with tremendous resistance from most of his colleagues in the chamber, for these colleagues had been blackmailed and bought off as a matter of course for many years.


      What could he do with now?  Who would listen?


       Who would dare to care?


       If he approached the appropriate people in positions of power to explain, would they, as usual, block him while maintaining superficial politeness?


      As he sat there facing the large door at the end of the room he realized that something MUST be done to correct the present situation. Another powerful surge of courage and conviction washed through him.


       He began to take a step, then he stopped, frozen in place. He was riveted on the powerful feelings of emergency causing pressure on his heart. 


      He stumbled toward a chair and sat down, his head filled with light.


       His outlook, so up-beat and elated, fueled by the wonderful insights earlier in the day,  changed to deepest gratitude, humility and awe as the Divine Presence he felt flowing inside ushered him into a deep deep silence.


       In silence Omnipotent Divine Will for the highest good became stronger within him.  He felt a rising tide of miraculous change.


        He was surrounded with awesome immanent presences of Heavenly Hosts.


        In his heart he knew he could NOT fail.


       “Angels, Oh Divine Creator! Bring about the Highest Good of All!”


      Then, as in a trance, he stood up and his body propelled him through the huge silent empty room along the well worn carpet to the chamber doors,  turning left and proceding then to walk slowly down the hall.


       A door opened and shut behind him.


      Footsteps echoed loudly on the pink marble floor.  The sound was a little over thirty feet away, and off to the right. 


      A powerful inner guidance forced Harold to spin around and look.


       He was looking into the dark penetrating eyes of sinister Ed Bacon.


      This man was fearsome.


       He was dangerous.


       He was a manipulative sorcerer, a top asset of the opposing faction who had proved impervious to change.


      Ed led the Senate to deny the seriousness of problems, seeking only to further his handlers’ dark agendas of deception, greed and power.


      But for some strange reason at this moment his usual frightening demeaner had crumbled.


      Harold saw shell shock, fear, and panic playing havoc all over Ed’s face.


      Angels of light surrounded them both.


      The Divine Presence within Harold guided him and he felt especially calm and gentle.



      Just at that moment, a recent newspaper article flashed before Harold’s mind, an article about Ed’s aged father, who had just celebrated his 99th birthday.


      Taking a long deep breath, Harold compassionately uttered resounding words that echoed down the hall, “Well hello Ed; how is your father doing?”


      Ed jumped, caught off guard. He had been so completely preoccupied with whatever was bothering him that he had not taken in Harold’s close presence.



        He choked and stuttered.

       All that came out was

      “HOW DID YOU KNOW!?”


      “Know what, Ed?“


      “Know about my father! No one knew he was sick! I was just on the phone with the doctor!”

      Ed screamed, “He is passing away AT THIS MOMENT, right now!”


      Their eyes met and locked.


      At that moment something broke apart inside of Ed’s old hard tortured black heart.


       Suddenly Ed lurched forward heaving and sobbing uncontrollably.


        The ancient dam had burst.


       From deep inside of him, the agony of a small infant subconsciously struggling for protection, love and approval from his evil father, a lifetime of agony of a small child subjected to unrelenting cunning mind control and torture, unleashed itself like a tsunami.


      Harold instinctively put his arms around him.


       Big Ed closed his eyes and cried

      racking sobs as his head lay on Harolds slight shoulder.


      Through divine grace, years of unrelenting ritualistic painful emotional control and brainwashing broke down.


      A dark ancient vice lock loosened. 

      A little child deep inside was finally being allowed to cry.


      The great miracle of love occurred at that moment.


       Two hearts of former enemies merged.


      They parted in silence, no word had to be spoken.


      Later that night Ed’s whole life flashed in front of him.


       He saw how he and many other children had been put through alternating cycles of torture and ecstasy, made to depend on handlers for every thought, every feeling, every action in a desparate bid for safety and love.


        He saw how his psyche had broken apart into many different conflicting personalities, how he was controlled, a pawn of a great and ancient evil force.


      Deep in the night the angels of ‘Agasoly’  and other Heavenly Hosts gave him additional true divine blessing, fanning the original spark of divinity within him.  He felt so much remorse deep inside as he thought back. He could hardly face the maleviolence and cunning of his past deeds.


        He wondered if his evil deeds would haunt him for eternity to come.  “They should”, he shuddered, “they certainly should”.


       But through grace,  in spite of this, he was going to make amends. Somehow he had to make right what he had done, and with God’s help, he would do it, even if it took forever.


      The funeral was the next morning. Harold and Ed were seen in animated conversation later at the lunch club, talking long into the afternoon. People were puzzled.


      Ed and Harold showed no fear, they were flowing with Amazing Grace.


      They could feel that through the influences of the divine virtues of ‘Agasoly’,  that everything, even the secret hidden controllers, were being transformed. 


      Harold helped Ed see that the success and satisfaction of each part was directly tied to the success and satisfaction of the whole.


      They saw with amazing insight and certainty that almighty omnipresent power of Divine Will for Highest Good of All Concerned would bring success and satisfaction, harmony and justice, that all life secretely desires in the most secret chambers of the heart, down into the very cells, down into the very DNA of every sentient being. 


      Over the next few days, the heavenly host of ‘Agasoly’ inspired everyone concerned with necessary attitudes and blueprints, bringing it all together. Other key players of the darkest agenda found themselves suddenly pivoting, faced with strange and unusual events both inwardly and outwardly in the world.


        Immediately, hurried meetings were called, bringing together key experts and committee chairpersons from every faction. Calls were made internationally, and the previously planned global agenda that had been secretly prepared over many generations by the dark forces gave way to another plan even more ancient; a plan of the workers of the light and heavenly hosts to manifest the original perfect plan of Divine Creation.


        This amazing change swept the public by surprise.


       All parties now agreed, the light and the dark, new paradigms of the highest good of all were called forth and put on the table.


      Strange rumors of luminous flying craft, bringing much needed technology and expertise to turn around even the worst conditions, began to circulate more widely around the world.


      The media finally reported the truth, and  the world watched in awe as situations all over the world completely transformed rapidly, fluidly, and efficiently.  Miracles were happening everywhere.


      It was clear that new governments around the world were moving to adopt Constitutional Law, and people were set free from tyranny and poverty as reality was quickly being transformed to reflect the original divine blueprints of perfection for all Creation.


       Harmony and justice had arrived in the rhythms and cycles of life.


      A new day had dawned.

      Heaven and Earth were ONE.







      To bring about miracles of such a magnitude, it is critically important to enter into silence and experience pure being and unity with Divine Being, to flow with feelings of the presence of all the virtues of Divine Consciousness and Feeling.


      In the silence, feel the presence of the Heavenly Hosts guide at every turn.

      We are the very extension of your own being that you seek

      at these times. 


      We are all ONE!


      Dare to believe.


      With our assistance, through an inward focus in prayer and silence, the original blueprints of Creation are accessable and the gentle presence of divine grace is felt; in this state of consciousness, a person is empowered with strong feelings to attract and manifest miraculous phenomena of every kind.


      It is written,”All that I do, ye shall do and more.”

      “The crooked shall be made straight.”


      We teach and inspire all those who seek help according to their level of maturity with intuition, instructions, and practical assistance.


      You have access to the abundance and joys of Heaven. 


      The riches of Heaven are available to all, now, who pray truly knowing in advance that “it is done”  and who go into silence to receive and feel the truth with full, appropriate emotional intensity. 


      Access faith. Faith is only weak to the degree that a Child of Light allows what he or she sees in outward manifestation to limit what is believed possible.


        Look instead within, go into the silence, believe.

      As you go within, confront anything you find with love, respect, and gratitude. Witness how all is transformed and transmuted into Divine Life and Perfection as you go deeper into silence itself.


        Feel the powers of Divine Life.


       Ecstatically celebrate the victory of answered prayer.








       Ask Us saying, “Spare no resources. Enlist all of the Heavenly Hosts and divine virtues to transform this and all situations into The Highest Good of All Concerned!  Read the unconscious minds of all those involved in every problem.  Plan and implement the perfect solution that is the highest good of all concerned, the solution that benefits the entire web of life.”


      “Divine Consciousness is present everywhere, in all things.  It is omnipotent, and omniscient.”



      When you call upon the help of Heaven, we connect you with the state of consciousness exemplified by miracle workers of all times.


       Just as ‘horizontal’ networking is necessary in the outer world, ‘vertical’ networking with the heavenly hosts in active prayer and then in the silence of the inner world, magnifies the power of answered prayer into infinity.


       As a person in embodiment, you may ask Us, who are the continuation of yourselves because we are ALL ONE, for miracles.

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