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2530Invocation to The First Ray of Power, Protection, Faith and Will

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  • Karen
    Sep 1, 2002
      Invocation for the First Ray
      of Power, Protection, Faith and Will

      I call forth the energy of the
      First Ray of Power, Protection,
      Faith, and Will. I ask that I be
      imbued with the qualities of this
      majestic ray. That my will would
      be aligned with the Will of God.
      That I would feel the Power of
      the wind in my sails enabling me
      to go forward in life empowered
      by the divine within and without.
      I ask for Personal Power and
      Decisive energy. I ask for the
      qualities of Steadfastness,
      Courage and Strength. I also ask
      for the Sword of Truth and
      Clarity to cut through all the
      untruths. In all things I ask that
      love destroy fear and that
      fearlessness become my quality
      as I go forth in self-mastery as
      a Christ working within the
      energies of balance within the
      First Ray. I call forth to
      Archangels Michael and Faith
      'The Elohim Hercules and
      Amazonia - the Chohan of the
      First Ray, El Morya'

      Wistancia Stone from her book
      Invocations to the Light.

      ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~

      I Love You

      Translation to Hebrew:

      Anee Oheiv Otakh (male to female)

      ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~