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25115Simplicity, Cleanliness and Honesty – Words of Wisdom

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  • B K
    Jul 31, 2005

      Simplicity, Cleanliness and Honesty – Words of Wisdom
      Morning Class in Boston - June 7, 2005

      If there is something auspicious that you want to do, start with a thought
      in the morning and the whole day will be auspicious.  If I make a mistake
      and hide it, then the mistake will increase and there cannot be peace in my
      life.  If we just keep moving forward then a moment will eventually come
      when there are no more mistakes.  The one who keeps checking themselves
      inside to bring change is the one who won't make mistakes.  With this kind
      of checking, there will be no time to look at the mistakes of others.  If I
      do look, think or speak about the mistakes of others, it is a huge mistake
      that I am making.

      When there is a life of simplicity there can be more time for a spiritual
      income. Simplicity means to see what is good and what is not good.  I cannot
      just have the aim for becoming simple; I need to make a plan for this.    It
      is a matter of prioritizing; to take a look at my life and decide what is
      important and what isn't. For this, I need to go inside, become peaceful and
      then sort things out.  Because when there is a plan to be simple, there will
      be a feeling of lightness.   There has been a lot of wasteful and false
      things accumulated in our head and heart making the heart heavy and the head
      burdened.  So, how can there be peace?

       Have the aim of becoming free and there will be a lot of
      benefit.  It is not that we are going into the jungles to free ourselves,
      but we are letting go of all the things that are not right and so making our
      lives very simple and clean.  Cleanliness helps in keeping the mind and body
      very healthy.  When there isn't cleanliness, there is laziness.  They are
      connected.  And if there is laziness, I won't do any of my work accurately,
      but if I have a good timetable, then there won't be laziness.  Think about
      what is the state of mind and face of a lazy person?  To become alert is a
      wonderful gift to receive from God.  Let me be alert so that I can remember
      God, help in God's work, and be clean and honest.

      Another cause for laziness is that we have worked very hard without results
      and so there isn't happiness inside.  Be honest and you will be happy.  Keep
      your lifestyle simple.  Let everything stay so clean that it is not at the
      last minute that you have to clean up.  Those who are lazy will suffer a lot
      of loss; they are those who are sleepy when they meditate and when they
      work. But, when there is alertness, there is courage and they will work well
      with honesty from their heart.  Sort out things now.  If I want to have
      truth, I have to divorce falsehood.

      Ego hides secretly inside.  Externally we think we've dealt with it, but
      internally we may have the feeling that others have disregard for us.  It is
      my own subtle ego that brings this feeling. If I did something good, let me
      remember that I did it for my benefit and the benefit of others.  It is not
      a question of recognition.  If I gave in donation, in cooperation, it gave
      benefit to me because if I've done something good, then automatically the
      results will come back to me.  Let me be content that God has inspired me to
      do something good.  If I have the feeling that there has been disregard then
      I will be unhappy and in pain.  Actually, the cause of any pain is ego.

      When the outside has no influence on my inside, I remain clean, safe and in
      peace.   I need peace in order to imbibe virtues.  When I sit peacefully and
      contemplate God then I will receive all virtues and this will give me a lot
      of strength.  The one who is introverted is the one who is always happy.
      Yes, I come outside and engage in action, but I don't become engrossed in
      it, which would trap me like a slave forcing me to do things.  Then the
      condition of my heart would be such that it would be difficult to engage and
      interact with honesty and happiness.

      Situations will always come and go because this is the period of the
      Confluence, which implies the period of upheaval.  The memorial that is left
      in the heart after the situation has passed is based on my stage.  If my
      stage remained stable and good, I will remember that and it will give me
      power for the future.  If my stage shook, it will leave an imprint in my
      heart and will create instability for the future.

      What we are doing now with our spirituality is creating a recording within
      and so I must not allow any external influence to approach me at all or else
      the recording will be disrupted.  For this, let us say that whatever is the
      sorrow I have suffered up until now, I will let go of it so that I can
      forgive those who gave me sorrow and I will make sure that I won't give any
      sorrow to another in the future.  I also forgive myself for whatever I've
      done.  And instead, I am going to give blessings and take blessings.  This
      is not hard work, but it does require honesty with myself.  Honesty
      increases the value of the human soul.

      Meditation means to sit in silence and check the self.  The first step in
      meditation is to sit in silence, look at myself and see what it is that I
      need to change.  The second step is to create such a powerful connection
      with God that it is like a fire of love that is generated and in that
      energy, the sins of the past are burnt away.  The third stage of yoga is to
      have taken so much power from God that I am now able to do good action.  God
      then says to me, if I have the aim to ensure that I make no more mistakes,
      He will take care of all of my sins of the past and absolve me of those.
      People want peace, but it can only come when I am ready to relinquish sin
      and am committed to doing good action.  Keep a vision of how I want my life
      to be.  Let my life be one of simplicity, cleanliness and honesty and when I
      have this aim, God says, I am going to help you.


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