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  • stev485
    Apr 8, 2001

      Hello Polly and All,

      I have just joined your group, but I am not staying long, as my only wish these days is to serve the Divine Plan
      so it is not expedient to stay focused in an astral Love bubble, as nice as it can be! there are also other aspects to
      consider, within the Triune God,
      such as Truth.....what value does love have without truth ? And without Truth Love is crucified and defile by ignorance, until it is as nothing more than a nice idea, long after Love had withdrawn. this is very evident in the world wouldn't you say ?

      Truth gives Love the respect it needs, and walks hand in hand with Love. Truth is mindful and Love is heartfelt, so Truth and Love combined (mind and heart) create wisdom, all three create a triangle of interaction, and which ever way you add two of them it will always equal the third, so in truth the three are unified and only in there oneness do they create unity within each other, so to each a Key, this is why group work is important in the newage that is soon the realized.

                                           *      *
                                        *            *
                                     *                  *
                  Wisdom   *    *    *    *    *    * Truth

      Do you know the difference between dualistic Love and Divine Love ? well one is conditional, as it is only known through the extent and extreme of the other, hate. so  in many cases earthly love is nothing more than a reaction to evil. Divine Love is unconditional, but that in no way means it allows any compromise when known through truth.
                 "Tao does not love as humans do; it sees all
        things as straw dogs.

        The sage does not love as humans do; he sees
        people as straw dogs.

        Tao is like a bellows. It is empty and never
        exhausted. The more it moves, the more is
        brought into manifestation.

        Many words lead only to depletion. It is better to
        retain self-control."  -   Tao Te Ching, chapter 5.

      Tao does not love as humans do, is explained in the attached article, please read it I think you will gain insight from it.

      Dear Steve,
      I feel aligned to what you have written here. I feel that we are moving towards this selflessness within our consciousness and our actions, the more that we openly share ourselves with life and Divinity around us.

      Yes, but the "ego self" is not invited as it vibrates in isolation, when Divine Love resonates in unity.

      I intend to read it through again, more purposefully, in case their comes to heart some question worth expressing, or to just acknowledge again that I understanding the truth, purity, and wisdom of your words.

      Ok Polly good idea. There is a lot more where that came from, if you are interested. I have found that few people are.
      if it means change you know ?
      Is the New World Consciousness document your own writing? Whether or not, I understand it to be our shared understanding. Thank you for sending it to the list.

      Yes it is, I wrote it yesterday and you are welcome. service is my joy, If one can forget about themselves in touching but one divine spark or  light in this world of confusion, then they do Gods work and not their own.

      I am a list moderator for a smaller group called "lovingpurelove" which only has a few actively posting members, that send poetry, messages, or stories.

      I know :)

      We have several other members that stay on as members, but do not post. You would be welcomed there to share with us within the positivity of love. Please click the link below, and consider joining us.
      I will take you up on your offer.

      t is always good to recognize another divinely devoted one, complete with purified heart and the soul of One.
      Love, Polly

      Yes indeed it is, what else is there ?as only Love (God) is real, to walk any other path is to chase after shadows and delusions. Hence the current world situation, which is firmly walking the left hand path.


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