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  • B K
    Jul 3, 2005

      Belief Power III
      So why do you have so many beliefs? And why is the world not becoming a better place with so many believers? To answer this question, we need to go back to the moment 'truth' was lost to our awareness...some time ago. Beliefs are only present because we have lost our connection with the eternal truths, and our awareness of those truths. For example, while you believe you are what you see in the bathroom mirror in the morning, it is not the truth of who you really are. You are not your physical form - you are simply spirit, or that which animates the form. The experience (not the belief) of this truth liberates you from the fear of ageing and decay. Spirit (self) does not grow old and does not die. But then, you must not believe me (or disbelieve me). When you experience, there is no longer a need to believe, because now you know...the truth. This is why belief is not the truth and why truth is more powerful than belief, and why belief and truth are never found in bed together. So what is the truth? Are you a physical being having the occasional spiritual experience, or are you a spiritual being have a physical experience. If you say both that's called avoidance!


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