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  • Rachelle Hava
    Jun 16, 2005
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      Oh My Sweet Sister Nachi ,
      Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt words and everything right back at you sissy!!! Yes, we are mirrors for each other as a unfied team of ONE. Everyone helping the other in many diversed and unfolding ways.
      I love all of life and all of creation with all of my heart and share with all what I believe in my reality is helpful to the ONE.
      It is such a beautiful and powerful time to be here!!!
      It is my hope that all have a most blessed, joy-filled day loving the Earth and being here at this time!
      Loving you,
      ~ Nerawa Rose Siati ~

      nachiketan@... wrote:
      Dear All,
      I love You All.
      I hear a calling in You which asks for rising above the merky grounds, and flying  in clear blue skies.
      Too often I find myself searching..for who I am..the references that help me define me..in You I find such references that help me, build me.
      I love everything that you bring with you. Your soul wisdom, heart, humour, experiences, past, your streangth,   the journey, path that you are walking on. To be related with you brings me closer to myself. 
      Thank You for being Who You are. Thank You for being My Friend.
      With Much Love & Hugs,


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