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  • pmenendez@myexcel.com
    Apr 5, 2001
      Dear lovingpurelove members,

      My apologies for being the list moderator on a list that has fallen
      into silence. How are all of you?

      Thank you, Patti, for sending us your poem about the child showing
      the way. Thank you for reaching out to us to bring us your love, and
      offer a chance for response.

      I stepped back from my internet writing for a bit, and took care of
      some much needed housework in preparation for my husband's return
      from India. Since he has returned, there have been many things to
      accomplish, which has continued to keep me occupied and away from the

      I've been sensing a growing movement of people who express
      dissatisfaction with the essence of spirituality, who seem to mix it
      to the world of matter, and put down the inner richness of love
      because it is "not practical". Perhaps we are all feeling the sting
      from this negative movement.

      Here is a letter written on another list I am on, the person writing
      it was new to the list and criticizing this beautiful soul person. I
      responded and have included my letter, too. Thanks in advance for
      reading. Does anyone here care to express that the collective
      humanity is experiencing this anti-spiritual, more practical dialog?
      I believe it is serving confusion rather than spiritual growth.

      Love, Polly

      "Obviously, (name removed), I was wearing a mask in my previous post
      in order to make a point.

      The point is that while you dream your dreams of perfection (which
      does not nor can ever exist in a world that is perpetually dying,
      changing, illusory and therefore undivine), the heart of humanity is
      bleeding and in need of solid, practical advice, i.e., Knowledge of
      the real situation on Earth, how we got into this mess and therefore
      how to find the way Home.

      Idealistic mysticism and poesy, while sweet and seductive, does not
      provide the Solution to human misery and ignorance. Although it may
      well anesthetize the gullible person into a semi trance-like state
      where they will die in their sleep come the Harvest Time."




      I wrote:

      "Dear Mother,

      I feel that (name removed) is very expressive of what the world needs
      to heal itself. The heart of humanity needs to become the love of
      life and the love of love itself. With a heart such as (named
      removed), hearts and souls are nourished and healed with the love and
      care that people so desparately need. They need to re-connect with

      We each can drink from the divine fountain of Love, and in turn, we
      can share our loving selves with others.

      Isn't this the Solution? Isn't this what life is all about?

      Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Love and honor all
      life, for all life is God."

      Yours, Polly