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  • Shona
    May 2 12:55 PM
       Hello Judith,
                  I'm training at the moment in crystal healing as well as looking into Reiki & other healing practices.  I work best at the minute with crystals though.  I'm not a Christian, but believe very much in the power of prayer.
                  I'll say prayers & light a candle for Bonnie tonight & through her recovery.  I'm so sorry that she has had to suffer this.  I can't imagine the trauma this must have caused her & all of you & hope she does recover as fully as possible in time both physically & emotionally.
                  Know that you, Bonnie & your loved ones aren't alone through this, that I & everyone here are here for you all in love & light, support & understanding.
                  I'm still a beginner in projecting positive thought & disatnce healing, but have had some positive results before now, so will do my best.
                  Holding Bonnie & all of you connected with her in Love & Light.
                  Much Love, Big Hugs & Blessings,
                  Shona x
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      Date: 05/02/05 07:00:18
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Prayer request
      Dear ONEs,
      I am asking for all who do prayer work or have groups to please add my friend Bonnie.
      As reported to me: " She went in to have what was thought a melanoma removed from her nose, and when they cut in they realized it was massive - Basal Cell Carcenoma - and had spread deep and wide.  The surgery was violent and they had to cave in her cheeks to pull skin over the holes in her nose then had to take more skin from behind her ears to finish the job.  Over 100 stitches."
      Her daughter, not knowing that anything out of the ordinary had happened, visited her in the hospital with the two youngest grandchildren, both toddlers, in tow, and when they saw their grandmother they started to scream.
      The physical and emotional consequences are immense.
      Thank you for holding Bonnie in Light.
      Judith Marie

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