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23817An interesting website for readings :)

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  • ilanalotus
    May 1, 2005
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      This is my score, I am sharing the good and the shadow :)


      Your Q Score is: 13
      The Q score ideally should be as small as possible, indicating
      maximum agreement among elements. However, even a tiny Q score may
      not mean optimal functioning, since all four elements may in fact be
      relatively undeveloped.

      Your Primary Mythical Creature
      Water Types
      The main strength of the Water types is feeling. The second element
      indicates the most probable focus for this emotional expression.

      Water with Fire

      Astrologically associated with Cancer and the Fourth House

      Chimera types are motivated to achieve and maintain emotional
      closeness between themselves and those they are close to. They are
      among the most outgoing of all the types. They have a strong sense
      of community, harmony, and cooperation. They are devoted to their
      family, whether this is an actual family or a specially chosen group
      of like-minded individuals. They thrive in company and are rarely
      alone. They find personal fulfillment in supportive, nurturing, and
      caring roles, but they emphasize self-reliance for all. They are
      intensely protective of those they love and are both perceptive and
      intuitive regarding their needs. They can seem at times to be in a
      world of their own because of a capacity for reflection. They are
      very emotionally expressive, which can seem like "gushing" to other,
      more restrained types.

      Your Shadow Creature
      Air Types
      All the Air types have problems relating to irrationality and trust.
      The weakest element indicates the main focus of these problems.

      Air and Earth

      This shadow is unrealistic and judgmental, demands perfection in all
      things, and is hypercritical regarding imagined faults. They may be
      self-neglecting and a hypochondriac, or overindulgent and lazy. They
      may be plagued by vague fears that are products of their own
      imagination. Discrimination is poor and they may have difficulty
      telling fact from fantasy. They are closed-minded. While they are
      sociable, they can be superior, capricious, and manipulative.
      Imagined slights may become the rationale for recrimination,
      divisiveness, and an attitude of martyrdom. The biggest obstacle of
      weak Earth is to overcome self-centeredness and greed; the biggest
      obstacle of weak Air is to overcome prejudice and ignorance.