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23815Who's putting the AAAAAAA! in anti-choice?

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  • constance kosuda
    Apr 30, 2005
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      Dear Friend,

      It's easy - and funny - to imagine Supreme Court Justice Antonin
      Scalia as rights-stomping Judgezilla, but the reality of what
      President Bush and his far-right, anti-choice friends are
      planning for the Supreme Court is all too serious, and even
      scarier than a monster movie.

      See the movie "Creatures from the Far Right: Supreme Court Under
      Attack" to see what I mean:

      Seriously... in their zeal to pack the courts with anti-choice
      extremists, President Bush and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
      (R-TN) are manipulating Senate rules to take away the Senate'
      constitutional right to review and oppose judicial nominees.
      This so-called "nuclear option" would take away our most
      powerful line of defense against extremist judges: the

      If you value balance and moderation on our courts, and believe
      the Senate should carefully review judges who will be confirmed
      to lifetime appointments, Frist's plan is even scarier than our
      movie monsters -- and takes even more courage to oppose.

      Please ask your senators to support important procedures that
      ensure that the Senate independently review the record and
      merits of each judicial candidate.


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