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221Re: [lovingpurelove] Hi everyone

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  • Karen Pennington
    Feb 2, 2001
      Yes, yes, and yes again. My boss is very nice and
      works with me instead of laying work at my feet and
      saying why haven't you finished it yet? If things
      progress the same, I do believe he will overshadow my
      other favorite boss of all time for top honors.
      Everyone I have come into contact with at the company
      are like family.When I was so down and couldn't see
      up, I had some wonderful friends praying for me and
      miracle of miracles the dream job landed in my lap.I
      am truly blessed to have "found" this group of friends
      who share their love unconditionally. You have helped
      lift my spirits when they were down and given reason
      to hope when everything seemed dark. Thank you dear
      friends of lovingpurelove. I hold you each in my heart
      of hearts, rejoice with you at our successes, worry
      with you when necessary, and pray with you for each
      other. Love and a Great Many Hugs to All, Karen
      --- pattimaris1675@... wrote:
      > Karen, it sounds like you are blooming with love
      > around your new work force.
      > I am delighted for you, and am feeling wonderful how
      > the Universe works.
      > It seems only a few weeks ago, we were thinking
      > positive thoughts for you to
      > get a job, and here you are ~ talking about your new
      > job.
      > Go easy on those colleagues around you~ lol
      > Love,
      > Pattimari

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