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200Re: uncouditional love while watching life

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  • pmenendez@myexcel.com
    Jan 9, 2001
      Good morning Ron,

      Hope you've been without too much pain since you've been home.

      That is a wonderful story having such a loving woman at your side to
      help you through your emergency and operating room experience. I'm
      so glad that you told us about her, and that she was there for you.

      Perhaps you'd like to hear how I received help one time in the
      hospital. I've had quite a few hospital experiences, too.

      Back in early 1979, I was thrown from my car, and my left hip
      fractured, and the bone then fractured my pelvis. The doctor had to
      invent a way to set both fractures so he decided on weights extending
      from the hip, so I lay in the hospital bed for eight weeks with the
      weights off to the side. This story concerns the day that they
      finally decided I should try to stand up. I was informed that I was
      to do this, but I could not envision that I was going to be able to
      do it. I could only envision clumsiness, and was going to refuse.
      There were several people about, coaxing me to give it a try. I was
      still thinking I can't do it, when it seems a higher power entered my
      realm, and said that I can do it. Almost instantly, I just swung all
      my body into motion, and stood up with all the grace you can
      imagine. It was as if Jesus had extended his hand to me, and lifted
      me out of bed by passing full grace into my body and limbs. I, and
      everyone, were amazed at how easy it went. (At least I remember it
      that way).

      Love, Polly
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