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199uncouditional love while watching life

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  • Ronald cogan
    Jan 8, 2001
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      While laying their in a lot of pain I noticed a lot of people
      running around everywhere, sticking needles in me all over. I was in
      a daze, but out of nowhere came this lady who held my hand like no
      one ever did. I couldn't see here because I had trouble focusing my
      eyes but I could smell her and here her voice and most of all feel
      the warmth from her hand and it made me feel real good. Even when I
      was in the operating room she never left my side. When I woke up I
      looked for her franticly and everyone said that no one was there, but
      I said yes there was and tried to describe her but to know avail.
      I will never forget the felling I got from her even if they say she
      wasn't there???? She never judge me she just gave me love, If you see
      her tell her I said thanks and one day I will do the sameting for
      someone else, just for her.---RON
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