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  • nachiketan
    Sep 26, 2004
      Dear All,
      Love  You All.
      May the Love Conquer over the Hurricane, Health issues, Life's Problems.
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Group Hug}}}}}}}}}}
      Sending You Heartfelt Warm Love..Love's Light As I Feel For you Today.
      I have always loved You but there are somedays when the the Love seems to be renewed, recharged, vowed again..like a pact/vow of Friendship <Smile>
      Welcome to New Members..And Old Members who have found their way back again:-)
      To the listgroup members in between Welcome to You too.
      There is a big bee/insect flying by me today..Looks like s/he/it has made its home nearby my pc. I was reminded of a painful incident when I had to pull a large bee who had stung me on my my finger.. I am telling myself that maybe its a God messenger for me..that I neednt worry this time. So I am giving love to the orange coloured bee..Blessing it..
      Had to mention this to someone:-) in the middle of the message;-)
      Blessings And Love to Everyone.
      Have A Wonderful Day..
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