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  • Patti Garrett
    Sep 2, 2004
      Hello everyone:
      In the process of clearing out my mailbox to make plenty of room to start sending out my angel messages, I came across this message.  Since I am not sure if Jag has already mailed this to you or not, I was a little hesitant to share it.  However, because this is for the entire month of September and I just got it in my inbox last night, I did to get it out as soon as I could, to allow you to enjoy it as early as possible.
      If this is a delicate or if you do not wish to read it, please just delete it, with my blessings.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,


          Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors - Wolf Moondance

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          September - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

            September is the 9th month in the year. It is the closing door of the Summer. A time to gather and ready yourself for the Fall. September is in the South, the emotional section of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel. The colors for the month are bold ones, for this section is a physical section.

            The color for September is Orange. The South section color is Green.

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          Medicine Colors - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors - Education, emotions, energy healing, enlightenment, esoteric, essays, fairies, freedom, happiness, healer, health, help, herbology, cosmic, courses, creativity, drumming, drum, druid, druidism, empowerment, energy work, essential oils, faeries, fairies, fairy, faith, gems, guides, harmony, healers, herb, herbs, color, cosmology, craft, creator, crystal, divination, earth, ecology, energy, energy work, environment, faery, flower essences, gemstones, growth, heal, healing, herbalism, herbalist, higher self, holistic health, horoscopes, initiation

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          (The South Section Color)



            September is in the South section of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel. This section's color is Green. When you use Green in your life this month, it is the energy of Innocence and Trust. Using the Green reminds you that the actions of September are emotional actions. Blue is the complementary color for Orange. The Blue treats your month; it is your Medicine Color. The Blue words are Truth, Healing, Proof and Understanding. To treat the Blue words use your Orange words. Use the Blue words on a daily basis and your life will go in a good way for you. The Orange words are Balance, Success, Choice, and Energy. To treat the Orange in your life uses your Blue words.

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          September as a Birth Month - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

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            If your birthday falls within the month of September, you are a loving, soft, and a gentle person. You offer everyone around you joy. Your strength is within kindness. Smarts come easy but being told what to do is hard for you because you are a free thinker.

            To do the right thing is easy for you. You are a natural born leader. Your only weakness is you. Most of the time you can't believe in yourself and you look outward to earth mother and her children for help. Your inner beauty and kindness make you a wonderful friend. You love to laugh and joke, kid and have fun, so therefor you are a true joy to be with and make a wonderful friend.

            Children are easy for you as long as you don't need to get heavy. This means having to deal with complicated matters or problems, especially those that need ongoing attention.

            FrogYou are a frog. You walk well with other frogs and hawks. Your best mate for life is a hawk (July). You are drawn to and walk well with the polar bear (March). Your personal colors are Blue, Green, Yellow and White.

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          Lesson Words and Colors - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

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            In the Rainbow Medicine Wheel there are truths that help each one of us to understand the process that we know as life. The Lessons are the stones that make up the cross that spans across the middle of the Wheel. Each stone represents a word and the connected Lesson. These are the Lesson Words for the months of July, August, and September, which all are in the South / Emotion section of the Wheel. If you are having trouble in your life, these are the Lessons you are to be learning. You treat a Lesson with the Medicine Word of the same Color Medicine.

              Example: Lesson to learn is Clarity; you would treat a Red Lesson with a Red Medicine - Strength.

          Clarity * Red

          Poise * Orange

          Discipline * Yellow

          Account * Green

          Fact * Blue

          Sense * Purple

          Complete * Burgundy

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          Medicine Words and Colors - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors

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            Medicine Words and Colors treat the Lessons of the month. They give guidance for hard times. They aid in positive thinking when you are ill. These words and colors compliment the Lesson Words. It is important that you know the correct meaning of the words. Make the dictionary your friend. Not only do you gain new knowledge the correctness ensures a good way.

          Strength * Red

          Success * Orange

          Vision * Yellow

          Beauty * Green

          Healing * Blue

          Power * Purple

          Great * Burgundy

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          Medicine and Lesson Chart - Color Room - Color Therapy - Color Teachings - Colors - Wolf Moondance

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            This is the daily Medicine/Lessons Chart. It will give you your daily Medicine and Lesson Words and their Colors. Use them daily to see what you are learning and how to treat the Lessons in life daily. Look at the Lesson Word and think how it applies to the day. Look at it in the night and see how it has been active in your day. You can then treat it with the Medicine Word and help yourself to understand the day, or the week or the whole month!

            Make the Medicine Words actions in your life. Accept the lessons in life and become a stronger person. Be the words. Believe it and it will be.

          SeptemberMedicine Words Lesson Words
          1st Green * HonestyNeed
          2nd Blue * RespectFullness
          3rd Purple * CommitmentPeace
          4th Burgundy * MysteryKnowing
          5th Red * ConfidencePatience
          6th Orange * BalanceUnity
          7th Yellow * CreativityOriginal
          8th Green * GrowthFaith
          9th Blue * TruthSincere
          10th Purple * WisdomReason
          11th Burgundy * ImpeccabilityWorth
          12th Red * StrengthClarity
          13th Orange * SuccessPoise
          14th Yellow * VisionDiscipline
          15th Green * BeautyAccount
          16th Blue * HealingFact
          17th Purple * PowerSense
          18th Burgundy * GreatComplete
          19th Red * NurturePurpose
          20th Orange * ChoiceObedience
          21st Yellow * CeremonyLife
          22nd Green * ChangeAction
          23rd Blue * ProofSolid
          24th Purple * RealFull
          25th Burgundy * GrandWorthy
          26th Red * ColorTrust
          27th Orange * EnergyLimits
          28th Yellow * PrayerExpectations
          29th Green * CourageFailure
          30th Blue * UnderstandingListening

          Wolf Moondance Color Bar 2

            Okay, there you go! I will be back next month with new teachings and other neat stuff to say.

            Take care and walk the Good Red Road.


              Wolf Moondance