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19053Trying to Explain the Inexplicable

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  • nachiketan
    Sep 1 6:29 AM

      Soulsong #144 - Trying to Explain the Inexplicable

      There are people in the world committing shocking, repugnant,
      inexplicable acts against fellow humans.

      Nevertheless, the percentage of the time that most people go about
      their lives untouched by tragedy is exponentially greater than any
      jarring reports from the nightly news. Well-being is far more likely
      than disaster. The deck is dramatically stacked in humankind's favor.

      It is not my job to figure out why some people--old and young--
      perpetrate atrocities. It is not even my job to try to stop judging
      terrorists, war-mongers, and the like. My job is always the same--to
      keep my focus on that which uplifts me, makes me happy, makes me
      feel good. As I keep my thoughts as upbeat and positive as possible,
      I align with my joyful inner self and easily and automatically
      manifest my needs and desires.

      My focus is powerful. When I agonize over world events, I actually
      feed them more energy. I help no one. But when I choose inner peace,
      inner joy, I model that for others, and I give a wondrous sweet gift
      to the planet.

      Copyright 2004, Karen Williams
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