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  • slivermoon22@aol.com
    Aug 16, 2004
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      Look Around You
      Human Beings present to the world in a variety of ways. Some are physically beautiful, some not. Some are financially wealthy, some not. Some drive fancy cars, some don't even have a car. Some are polite, some are bossy. Some are sassy and some are reserved. Some are athletic, some are couch potatoes. Some are happy, some are raging.
      There is absolute beauty and truth in all of them.
      We really have no idea where joy, peace and beauty are found, if we are judging where they are found. Why not: Beauty is in All. God created nothing but beauty because God is perfect love, and so are we as his creation. How does perfect love churn out imperfect creation? It doesn't. It only looks like it does, and this perception is why we feel disconnected.
      How one presents, for whatever reason, is not their whole beingness.
      We like to think we know where beauty can be found, where peace can be found, where joy can be found. Has anyone here found perfect peace and joy with all the maps floating around?
      Beauty, peace, and joy is found in All of Light's creations. Even the humans that present themselves with adornments, or the humans that present with violence, and the humans that present with depression, or the humans that present with corruption. The Sun shines on all. Source makes no distinction, no judgments, no matter how hard one tries to curry favor with service and charity. No one living thing is better than another in the eyes of Light. I am glad this is so. Takes the pressure off.
      This recognition is extremely difficult to absorb if you are experiencing abuse in any way. My heart goes out to you. This message may bring little comfort. I understand. It is my sincere hope that you will make yourself safe. You deserve perfect joy.
      Beauty, Peace and Joy can be found wherever you are, whoever you're with and in whatever you're doing. If this becomes challenging, simply bow humbly to your Higher Self and ask for loving eyes and fresh direction.
      Of course, there is violence and tragedy that is nearly impossible to look upon with loving eyes. But, how did our world become so violent to begin with? Someone, somewhere, decided someone else was not worthy, or their path to God was all wrong. That hurts. That has energetic power. That manifests. When you see an unloving world you are seeing what your Ego wants you to see. You Ego likes it here, and has no interest in dissolving into nothingness. Your Ego has set up camp in hell and loves the weather.
      So,  here we are now, in this collective moment, with a huge challenge before us. All we can do is begin anew and ask perfect Light to make all future judgments about who/what is worthy. My bet is that Source will say that all  are worthy. If you take this on, I can promise a healing of great magnitude.
      May we not invest in the human maps to find peace, beauty and joy. May we invest in God's map that clearly states, "Look around you. It is everywhere."
      Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
      (c) 2004
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