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  • nachiketan
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Dear All,
      Sometimes I want to talk with people but can not find words that would carry my feelings. Has it ever happened to you that instead of meeting someone with words you want to meet someone in silence..yet to be able to communicate, get to know the well being of the other. Sometimes when you know certain people well to be comfortable with them..you want to greet them in silence..not wishing to break the spell of Love.
      This happens to me a lot.
      Take this as a silent inquiry coming from a heart wishing for everyone's well being, Health, Peace & Joy.
      I know certain people are in pain, having a bad day..I am keeping them in my prayers.
      What else to say..Let it be so that we may we be realise the Power of Love within.
      With Love,
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