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15156Re: << lovingpurelove >> June 2004 - Moon Phase Calendar

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  • Hilary Starke
    Jun 2, 2004
      Dear Lisa
      I too received this and it looked interesting.  I didn't really understand what I was looking at, and a runtime error developed - I thought you'd like to know this.  May I enquire if your firewal and AV softwear is utd?
      Love and hugs - have a wonderful Wednesday.  It is my husband's birthday today - and I am already irritated with him.  Hormones again ....... and again
      Love and hugs
      P.S.    Thank you as ever
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 6:41 AM
      Subject: Re: << lovingpurelove >> June 2004 - Moon Phase Calendar

      Lisa, I was also grateful to receive this.  You've been wonderful by
      the things you have shared here.  Thank you for all of them, and
      sharing so lovingly with all of us.  I am grateful to all of you who
      have come here to love, to learn, and to share. My gratitude and love
      be with you, Polly

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      > very welcome Sandra : ) Glad it came out okay
      > ttys
      > Lisa
      > ·.»§« ·´¯`·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.»§«   please include ss tag   thank you·.»§«
      >             (C) 
      >                      spiritually_speaking-
      subscribe@yahoogroups.com    : )

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