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1508Essence of Paradise 06.19.2002 [Hope]

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  • Baba Kundi
    Jun 19, 2002
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      Love is the Pure Essence of our being.
      Life is an adventure in Paradise
      Enjoy It While You Can!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Word For Today: "HOPE"
      1 : to desire with expectation of obtainment
      2 : to expect with confidence : TRUST
      synonyms see EXPECT
        –hoper noun 
        –hope against hope : to hope without any basis for expecting fulfillment

      The Master always insisted that we must learn by ourselves - teach ourselves -- rather than depend on other people's authority. This had its limits, of course, as when a bright young fellow was convinced he ought to try drugs as a means to mysticism -- and "take the risk, for one can only learn by trial and error."

      That moved the Master to tell the old story of the nail and the screw:

      "Here is one way to find out whether what you need in a plank is a nail or a screw: Drive the nail in. If it splits the plank, you know you needed the screw."
      Anthony de Mello, S.J.
      Mistakes live in the neighborhood of truth and therefore delude us.
      Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Poet
      v   v   v
      * This is made possible in part by Scott Reeves.
      Create A Beauty-Full Life, One Day At A Time!
      Love, Respect, Cherish and Support 'All' Life!
      Minister Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Meditation for this 2002-06-18
      "There are times when you think: 'There is no way I shall give in. No-one takes advantage of me and gets away with it. Anyone stands in my way and they'll have it coming to them.' Well, this kind of attitude will inevitably affect your character, your activities and the relationship you have with others. You will become increasingly arrogant, harsh and vindictive and your activities will all lead in one direction, towards power, domination and violence. This is how you end up on a certain track and one day it will lead you to committing criminal acts.

      Similarly if your sole objective is money, or pleasure, or glory, you are setting off on a specific track and you will not be able to escape the consequences of your choice. So be careful when you take decisions or make projects for the future and try to think where it will all lead you."
      Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


      Note on WHAT YOU SEE
      What I wrote yesterday entitled What You See was misunderstand by a few of our sister and brothers. I was not saying that it is unlikely for most people to change for the better. Neither was I saying that we can not affect others to change in a positive way. We are creators of our own reality to a degree and especially in ourselves we can make great changes and create a Beauty-Filled life.
      This internet forum call Essence of Paradise is not meant to be something that agrees with everyone's beliefs at all times. It is designed to cause all who read it to think deeper about ones life and to stimulate us to think about possible changes that may be needed in it. If you differ with what is shared here do not get upset and ask to be removed from the mailing list. Share you thoughts and beliefs with all of us, what you believe might be the part of the puzzle that we all need to understand fully what is being expressed and felt. If something upsets us we first need to examine ourselves to see if it upsets us because it is an area in our life that is calling for help or better understanding. We must not shut down because someone stepped on our toe, especially when they did not mean to step on it. 

      Over and over I have invited all to share with the group but few do and that is okay, however if you have something to share do not hold back in doing so. It may seem elementary to you but it may be a major revelation for me or someone else. It may be the key that we need to open the door that we should be walking through.We are in this thing called life TOGETHER, lets work, learn and grow together as we live together. I am an open book for all to read, however you must remember that the book is not yet finished. 
      Minister Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © 2002



      Every animal knows more than you do. (Nez Perce)

      Do not wrong or hate your neighbor for it is not he that you wrong but yourself. (Pima)

      I Am Open To Change
      Because I Am Open To Growth.
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © 2002

      Peace, Love, and Light To All of Creation!
      Create A Beauty-Full and Prosperous Life,
      One Day At A Time!

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