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13264Oh joy, and light of love!

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Apr 1, 2004

                  O Light of Joy from Out the Great Central Sun
           O light of joy from out the Great Central Sun, increase and
      intensify joy within these blessed hearts who serve to love, who
      live in love, who sacrifice in love, who surrender in love, and
      who are selfless in love.
            O joy of Sanat Kumara, burst now within our hearts. Joy of
      Sanat Kumara, burst as the sacred fire of eternal life. For when
      we have joy, O God, we have already entered into the main-
      stream of thy eternal life.
             Legions of joy from out the Great Central Sun, kindle now
      these flames. Elohim, kindle now these flames burning upon
      the altars of our hearts. Kindle now the joy of life.
           O Light, multiply light! O Joy, multiply joy! Love, multiply
      love, and prove the Word that I AM. For by that Word is the
      measure of the Son of God and this is the life everlasting. And
      this is the living witness of the sons and daughters of God: that
      the Word that is within them doth multiply all substance of
      Almighty God.
              Therefore, by thy Word, O God, multiply our joy, multiply
      our light, multiply our love, multiply our consciousness of the
      Father, I AM THAT I AM; of the Son, the blessed Flame of
      Life; of the Holy Ghost, the breath of thy Spirit. Multiply the
      energy of life pulsing now as Mother Flame.
             O Word that is within us, multiply the God that I AM
      everywhere I AM. Lo! Amen.
      Taken from "Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray"
      Copyright by The Summit Lighthouse, Inc.
      I live to serve, I love to serve, I serve to set life free!