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125Re: [lovingpurelove] Where do I start

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  • Karen Pennington
    Dec 11, 2000
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      I know what you mean Patti. I've been doing a great
      deal of humming lately. Somehow, though, it sounds
      like the music to the song Who Let the Dogs Out? only
      the words are: Who Let the Secret Out? It's Love,
      Love, Love. All we need is Love. Love & Hugs, Karen
      --- pattimaris1675@... wrote:
      > Ron~
      > The more people that walks the path of love, the
      > merrier - glad that you have
      > invited Sianna and others and I am sure Polly will
      > be pleased with that too,
      > as the rest of us will. We can use all the love
      > flowing bliss we can during
      > these wonderful months of cheer and friendships
      > right here on this forum that
      > Polly put together for us in her loving way.
      > It seems we are all touched with the love magic, and
      > with that magic we will
      > travel into many adventures, many paths and along
      > the way meet people that
      > will offer us something, as we will return to them,
      > and the love is flowing
      > and oozing out all over this forum.
      > I had an acquaintance that I brief yet deeply met a
      > few months ago whom was
      > dying, Carolyn, and when she passed on I opened the
      > envelope she had given to
      > me prior to her dying, and this is it. ~ Tell
      > everybody! - to not take life
      > for granted, live it, experience it,
      > and most of all, cherish it while you have it,
      > because it only last for
      > awhile....
      > While jogging every morning there were mornings she
      > would be setting on a
      > bench and I would stop, offer a hug, talk for a
      > brief while and her words to
      > me still ring out within my heart veins. She
      > requested no funeral, no
      > parties, just an invite to come set on the bench and
      > feel life.
      > In the process of an adventure called life, we learn
      > something so precious
      > everyday, and by the time the day has ended and we
      > light a candle, and settle
      > back to just meditate for a moment we see that one
      > thing in that day that we
      > have indeed learned and shall carry with us forever.
      > Isn't life so wonderful?
      > Pattimari
      > http://home.earthlink.net/~patti1365/

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