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  • angelpjg1@comcast.net
    Mar 2, 2004
      Hello Nachi, my very special friend:

      I have missed you and your postings for some time now, but because of all my continued computer problems and my losing messages some of the time, it is very possible that you sent messages that I did not get or did not see. So I am just so very glad that you are still alive and kicking and that you are once again putting everyone else ahead of yourself, by asking for these special prayers.

      I will add these people to my prayer list and will add you as well, in hopes that things in your life are going as you want them to and that life is treating you kind. I am sure you have your reasons for not posting any more than you do, I think if I remember correctly that your on-line charges increased to a point where you could not afford to stay on-line as much (if I am wrong about that being you, please accept by apology). Anyway, what I am trying to say is that while I am sure you have good reasons for not being on-line as much as in the past, I just wanted to tell you how much I have missed you and your great postings and how I have kept you in my heart, in my thoughts and in my prayers all this time. And just for information I intend to keep you clost to me in that way whether you are posting a lot or not.

      I just hope that you will continue to let us all hear from you at least once in a while so we will know that you are still with us, in spirit, if no other way.

      Be well my friend, and take good care of your self.
      May your life always be touched by
      love and may you always feel the
      presence of God and His angels in
      your life.

      I send you much, much peace, love, light and angel hugs,