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1234Spiritual Experiences

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  • Polly Menendez
    Apr 15 11:13 AM
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      Dear Friends,
      I have just shared these experiences with a yahoogroup I joined recently and wanted to share with you too, for any of you who do not know about my spiritual experiences.
      Love, Polly
      Hello Everyone,
      I'm new to this group and feel glad to be among you.
      I've just spent some time looking at photos through the members pages
      and enjoyed every minute. Wish there was a photo for each of you
      I found my way here because of Cynthia and the angel messages. I
      started a yahoogroup in September 2000, and when one of Cynthia's
      messages was forwarded there in May 2001, I've been forwarding them
      there ever since.
      The Cosmic Language struck a cord with me and I remembered learning
      from Angels and the Akasha back in 1968. I had a very unusual
      encounter with the Angelic Realm after calling on them for
      instruction and guidance. I had previously experienced the
      Consciousness of God during an Nirvana episode, but meeting angels
      who provided me safety and a place to absorb the virtues of letters
      was quite unique. Upon leaving that realm was the most synchronistic
      experience with my ordinary life path. This is also true about
      returning from my Nirvana (Beyond-Beyond State). Both of those
      experiences happened in 1968.
      In 1969 I met a pure loving spirit who expressed absolute love and
      faith in Jesus Christ, and since I also professed the same love and
      trust, we were invited by another stranger to journey a small trail
      with him. We did this, and the whole experience was awesome. By
      looking through a telescope standing on top of a hill, I saw and felt
      the full blown image of Jesus' being. A cross was implanted in my
      heart, and my heart pounded for quite a time and I was speechless to
      all around me. Later my being settled into perfect peace and I let
      spirit flow from me into another.
      These three experiences are the spiritual grandness that have guided
      and shaped my life. I hope you enjoy that I have shared them with
      Blessings of Love, Polly


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