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1204Monday through Sunday, April 1st through 7th

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Mar 31, 2002
      DOLPHINS stationery by Lady Isis
      13 Moon Calendar of Peace
      Note: Cyrus the Astrologer is off line for a short while...please send him your love and healing prayers....Thanks...Cynthia Rose
      Power of FLOWERING Action of
      Solar Moon 26 (4/1 Monday)
      11 BEN (ben)
      Kin 193: Red Spectral Skywalker

      I dissolve in order to explore
      I seal the output of
      With the spectral tone of liberation
      I am guided by
      my own power doubled

      Solar Moon 27 (4/2 Tuesday)
      12 IX (eesh)
      Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard

      I dedicate in order to enchant
      Universalizing receptivity
      I seal the output of timelessness
      With the crystal tone of cooperation
      I am guided by the power of death

      Solar Moon 28 (4/3 Wednesday)

      13 MEN (men)
      Kin 195: Blue Cosmic Eagle
      I endure in order to create
      Transcending mind
      I seal the output of vision
      With the cosmic tone of presence
      I am guided by the power of self-generation

      Planetary(10) Dog Moon
      This is the Moon of Manifestation.
      We use the power of this Moon to Perfect.
      Our action is to Produce.
      We ask ourselves "How do I Perfect what I do?"
      Week One: Knowledge Initiates View
      Yellow Warrior Wavespell  16
      Power of  Intelligence
      Planetary Moon 1 (4/4 Thursday)
      1 Cib (keeb) Kin 196: Yellow Magnetic Warrior
      I unify in order to question
      Attracting fearlessness
      I seal the output of intelligence
      With the magnetic tone of purpose
      I am guided by my own power doubled

      Planetary Moon 2 (4/5 Friday)
      2 Caban (ca ban') Kin 197: Red Lunar Earth(GAP)
      I polarize in order to evolve
      Stabilizing synchronicity
      I seal the matrix of navigation
      With the lunar tone of challenge
      I am guided by the power of universal water
      I am a galactic activation portal-enter me

      Planetary Moon 3 (4/6 Saturday)
      3 Etznab (ets' nab) Kin 198: White Electric Mirror
      I activate in order to reflect
      Bonding order
      I seal the matrix of endlessness
      With the electric tone of service
      I am guided by the power of spirit

      Planetary Moon 4 (4/7 Sunday)
      4 Cauac (ka wak) Kin
       199: Blue Self-Existing Storm
      I define in order to catalyze
      Measuring energy
      I seal the matrix of self-generation
      With the self-existing tone of form
      I am guided by the power of vision


      Dreamspell information courtesy of Roxene at the Foundation for the Law of Time
      Official website for the World 13-Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
      One Time One Earth One People