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115Re: Where do I start

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  • pmenendez@myexcel.com
    Dec 11, 2000
      Hi Ron,

      This is indeed a wonderful place to share in unconditional love.
      Each of us are here because we honor that above anything, and we
      choose to bring one another this wonderful gift that is bountiful
      within and around us. It is our love and our joy. There is much to
      be thankful for and much we can do for each other.

      The meditation and spirituality process is a means of self discovery,
      only meant to be used to gain better understanding of our true
      nature, our higher self. We can go through the steps that Ram
      provided, or we can self discover in our own way, it makes little
      difference. Through the inner observing, we begin to realize our
      full potential, that we are not limited beings, but have the ability
      to draw on divine love, actually becoming that.

      We, here, are already doing that, so we acknowledge that is the
      purpose of life and living. As we continue in our life, now, we are
      continuing in our experience to understand our "total being", and
      share the divine gifts with one another.

      My best suggestion concerning Ram's input, Ron, is for you to read
      the posts, only when you want to, and discuss your inner observations
      with someone, if you want to. My offering is to be a friend whom you
      may converse with, concerning what is divine.

      We here on the lovingpurelove list, will always do that for one

      To everyone, enjoy a day filled with love and care. And take the
      time, if you can, to connect with the Source of love, the Source of
      all there is.

      Love, Polly

      --- In lovingpurelove@egroups.com, "Ronald cogan" <coganra@y...>
      > Dear everyone,
      > I would like everyone to look back through the weeks past postes
      > and tell me if that an't people expressing LOVE, I don't know what
      > is. I took all of you and your great words and carring of love
      > has shown me what it is like to be loved and to love. Thank You
      > Polly, Karen, pattii, and you are all what you represent in this
      > group. LOVE, it takes people like yourselves to keep sending me
      > messages to try and show me this, and I think that it works. I am
      > very happy person on the inside and I can see that, and that is
      > I really want to be. I am very glad to belong to a club, that will
      > keep trying to show someone what real LOVE is. Polly I havebeen
      > working on the meditation tech, but my brain won't stop spinning,
      > unless I take some meds, then I go to sleep. If you still want to
      > help me, I would love to have you help me. If you want so you
      > get all boged down, we could do it right here. No problem where
      > call it, but only if it is not more pressure on you. I am starting
      > to learn. remember No pressure for anyone. Pattii I hope you and
      > eveyone don't mind, but I gaave Sianna, the web site address. She
      > is great I think. I also gave it to my brothers wife. She is a
      > loving person. she might not come in the club until later on in
      > week. I hope that this is OK with everyone. You know that I
      > animuals of all kinds and have had all kinds of them, Now I have a
      > bonehead cat who wants to type in the puter with me. SSpace case.--
      > RON
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