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114Re: [lovingpurelove] Where do I start

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  • pattimaris1675@aol.com
    Dec 11, 2000
      The more people that walks the path of love, the merrier - glad that you have
      invited Sianna and others and I am sure Polly will be pleased with that too,
      as the rest of us will. We can use all the love flowing bliss we can during
      these wonderful months of cheer and friendships right here on this forum that
      Polly put together for us in her loving way.
      It seems we are all touched with the love magic, and with that magic we will
      travel into many adventures, many paths and along the way meet people that
      will offer us something, as we will return to them, and the love is flowing
      and oozing out all over this forum.
      I had an acquaintance that I brief yet deeply met a few months ago whom was
      dying, Carolyn, and when she passed on I opened the envelope she had given to
      me prior to her dying, and this is it. ~ Tell everybody! - to not take life
      for granted, live it, experience it,
      and most of all, cherish it while you have it, because it only last for
      While jogging every morning there were mornings she would be setting on a
      bench and I would stop, offer a hug, talk for a brief while and her words to
      me still ring out within my heart veins. She requested no funeral, no
      parties, just an invite to come set on the bench and feel life.
      In the process of an adventure called life, we learn something so precious
      everyday, and by the time the day has ended and we light a candle, and settle
      back to just meditate for a moment we see that one thing in that day that we
      have indeed learned and shall carry with us forever.
      Isn't life so wonderful?
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