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  • Emanuel Wood
    Jan 3, 2004
                    The veil is thin at this one&only moment,so beautiful,you have ears to hear!!  Always Love...Emanuel

      Mayra Mendoza <mayramm11@...> wrote:
      I will bring it alive and share it with others.
      Perhaps this is the reason why you keep hearing it. If
      is not known to the world only to you, perhaps it
      wants to be known.Perhaps you are the one to share it
      to the world. love, Mayra

      --- Sabire Kale <safeka19@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > I am a newcomer to your list. I am drawn to the
      > group by what I am experiencing.
      > Since one year, a chorus-like soft, enchanting music
      > has been waking me up. In the last months, I can
      > hear this music 24 hours. My search for this
      > experience led me to acquaintance with many
      > teachers, friends who recommended me several ways to
      > solve this mystery. Lately, I learned that I have
      > been hearing Angelic frequencies.
      > My Master recommended me to meditate intently into
      > these sounds. When I do throbbing starts in my ears.
      > This music sometimes wakes me up at 3.00-4.00 am. I
      > remember my Master's words, start meditating and
      > again throbbing starts in my head/ears.
      > I am waiting for your discussions,  experiences and
      > more info for a faster self-development. Please
      > share with me whatever you know.
      > Cordial thanks
      > Safeka

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