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107Re: [lovingpurelove] Where do I start

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  • Karen Pennington
    Dec 11, 2000
      Hi Ron, I feel like I speak for everyone here when I
      say, the more the merrier. We can learn so much from
      each others' life experiences and how to cope with
      both success and failure. In regards to your
      meditation, I suggest enjoy the quiet time you have
      for this wonderful journey. Don't expect anything. It
      will come to you on its own. Remember we are only
      given what we need, not what we want because we are
      talking about the spirit here. When I can't keep my
      mental wheels from churning, I hum. Sometimes it's
      songs I know. But most of the time, it's my inner
      voice seeking the level of vibration I am being called
      to answer. Sounds crazy, I know. But we each must
      figure out what works for us individually. COS(change
      of subject) In re your cat, I know exactly what you
      mean. I am a died in the wool lover of animals,
      especially dogs and cats. And no, I won't admit how
      many I have but I do live out in the country, have
      plenty of room inside and outside of our fence for
      them to roam. Mostly though, they like to sit on the
      deck and ask me to come outside and play. I like to
      wear long gowns, caftans, etc. and the minute I'm out
      the back door, it's only a short time before I've got
      company playing tent under my gown. I love it. They
      can calm whatever nerves I might have (and they seem
      to know when I need pet therapy because they jump up
      in my lamp and onto my chest, lie down, and purr for
      me while I pet them. Oh, if we only had other humans
      who could allow us to release our tensions this way.
      When my boys were babies, I'd get the same kind of
      rush to look down into their innocent faces and feel
      the rush of how important I was and the trust this
      child showed me. Cats are very independent creatures.
      They are very picky about who they bond with. I always
      consider it a priviledge when any animal comes up to
      me and instinctively reacts with trust). Learning to
      let go of "the old ways of doing things" and accepting
      each other as is was one of the hardest lessons for
      me. I still run into people and animals that I have an
      immediate bad chemistry with. My answer for that is if
      it is possible, I distance myself from them in order
      not to interrupt their path as well as my own with
      wasted negatives thoughts and deeds. Welcome those
      into our house who need love, which gives us strength,
      and you will also become the receptor of additional
      understanding as they question and grow in their
      association with us. Love and Hugs, Karen
      --- Ronald cogan <coganra@...> wrote:
      > Dear everyone,
      > I would like everyone to look back through the
      > weeks past postes
      > and tell me if that an't people expressing LOVE, I
      > don't know what
      > is. I took all of you and your great words and
      > carring of love that
      > has shown me what it is like to be loved and to
      > love. Thank You all,
      > Polly, Karen, pattii, and you are all what you
      > represent in this
      > group. LOVE, it takes people like yourselves to
      > keep sending me
      > messages to try and show me this, and I think that
      > it works. I am a
      > very happy person on the inside and I can see that,
      > and that is who
      > I really want to be. I am very glad to belong to a
      > club, that will
      > keep trying to show someone what real LOVE is.
      > Polly I havebeen
      > working on the meditation tech, but my brain won't
      > stop spinning,
      > unless I take some meds, then I go to sleep. If
      > you still want to
      > help me, I would love to have you help me. If you
      > want so you don't
      > get all boged down, we could do it right here. No
      > problem where you
      > call it, but only if it is not more pressure on you.
      > I am starting
      > to learn. remember No pressure for anyone. Pattii
      > I hope you and
      > eveyone don't mind, but I gaave Sianna, the web
      > site address. She
      > is great I think. I also gave it to my brothers
      > wife. She is a very
      > loving person. she might not come in the club until
      > later on in the
      > week. I hope that this is OK with everyone. You
      > know that I love
      > animuals of all kinds and have had all kinds of
      > them, Now I have a
      > bonehead cat who wants to type in the puter with me.
      > SSpace case.---
      > RON

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