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10470Fw: Just to Share Angel and Inspirational Words for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Dec 2, 2003
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      Calling All My Wonderful Friends here today, especially my special friend Nachi:
      I am only on-line for a few minutes as I was in the process of working on my tree again when I decided to stop for a while and check my messages.  It was only now that I remembered that I had not sent out the inspirational or angel messages for today so I am going to do that before I get off, mostly because the day is almost over, and I wanted to get the messages out at least in time to be  read at least before the end of the day.
      So, from Angel Reflections , "Be not concerned with little things, for there are hosts of angels whose job it is to sweat the small stuff for us."
      From When God Thinks of You, He Smiles , "Faith expects from god what is beyond all expectation."                                             ----Andrew Murray   
      From Peace Flowing Like A Gentle River , "Where there is peace, God is."
                                                                                              -----George Herbert
      From Hold That Thought, "Worrying about money never paid a bill.  If it did, at least there would be a legitimate reason for indulging in it.  Actually, worrying about money repels, rather than attracts, prosperity by sending toxic signals to the subconscious."
      (Just for information, in case anyone is interested, this little booklet was written by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
      And, finally, from An Angel a Day, "Angels are but one way that God works in the universe.  They aren't the whole story.  They are simply supporting actors.  Knowing more about their nature and purpose will help us to perceive more of God's own majesty and His loving plan for our lives.
      So once again, I hope some of these words resonate with you as they did with me and that no matter what is going on around you that you find some way to have a wonderful day.
      Peace, love, light, and Happy Holly Days,