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  • Jaguar IX Hazri Humphreys
    Nov 30 10:42 PM
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      The Crystal Ally cards (Naisha Ahsian)

      The Crystal Ally cards (Naisha Ahsian)

      The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge

      Earth element – page 83



      In this image, Obsidian is nestled in a protective spot above a field of lava. This image represents protection in the face of difficulty or danger. The lava also represents the strong combination of Earth and Fire energies that Obsidian carries.

      Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is usually black or brown, and can have gray or white ash inclusions. Obsidian had been used for thousands of years in the making of tools and weapons. It is sharp, easily worked, and fairly strong. Because of our ancestral association what Obsidian as a material for weapons and tools, it has been considered since ancient times to be a stone of protection.

      Though we no longer use Obsidian for spears and blades, it’s role as a protective tool is still valuable. Our ancient ancestors used it as a talisman to turn aside misfortune and bad luck. We can also use it to turn away energies that we do not wish to experience.

      This Ally’s frequency helps to seal the aura, preventing stray energies from affecting you. This is particularly helpful if you live in a city, where the energy of thousands of people can create an unhealthy amount of energetic "noise". If you find yourself in a situation where conflict is arising, Obsidian’s frequencies create a protective shield, preventing you from being sucked into another’s power game.

      Obsidian is able to cut etheric cords that can bind one person to another, preventing others from energetically attaching themselves to your aura and draining your energy.

      Obsidian’s protective powers are also helpful in dispelling fears and absorbing negative thoughts, so that they do not become manifest. Like black Tourmaline, Obsidian is able to absorb energy and cleanse it. But instead of transmuting the energy directly, Obsidian uses the energies to create lessons and opportunities for growth for the source of the energy. While protecting it’s human partner from the negative impact of the energies, Obsidian will seek to teach the person where the fears and negativity may lie, so that the source of the energy can be cleared.

      Obsidian’s frequencies are receptive in nature. Its energies are defensive rather than offensive, offering you the opportunity to gain insight through response to the situations around you. Obsidian speaks of the shadows, the unseen, and the mystery. It is a strong psychic stone, initiating inner sight. It will lead you to what is most necessary for you to learn, but not necessarily what is the easiest or most pleasant. Because it is a stone of the void, it is unpredictable. In honoring Obsidian’s great protective and cleansing powers, you are sure to gain valuable knowledge about your deepest self.


      Powerful protection and aid are at your side when Obsidian appears as your Ally. This Ally has come to tell you that you are receiving protection in the situation at hand. Just as the ancients utilized Obsidian as their protecting force when face with danger or necessity, you may utilize it’s power to cut through any difficulties or obstacles that stand in your way.

      Obsidian is the power of the receptive. It’s greatest strength is in absorbing the energy of others and turning it to it’s own use. Stand back and be receptive to what is happening around you. Obsidian will guide you toward the proper action when the opportunity you have been waiting for arises.

      CHAKRA: Root

      AFFIRMATION: I am protected and provided for by the receptive power of the Universe.