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1Pure Love

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  • Polly Menendez
    Sep 22, 2000
      I feel connected to God's Spirit, which is LOVE.
      I move on, in purity and love.

      Love is energy whose essence is purity. Our spirit is God's
      spirit of love. We need but recognize that God is within us,
      and God is love. Love flows from us as thought, word, and deed.
      It flows from our fingertips in a tender touch. It flows from
      our heart in a warm embrace. It flows from our lips in sweet
      reflections of beauty. It flows from our body with a smile.
      Above all, our mind knows that we are embodiment of love.
      Each instance of sharing strengthens our experience of God's
      purity and love.

      Spirit is devoted to pure love. Spirit is God's great gift to
      every being. Love God and every part of Creation with all your
      heart and all of your being.
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