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[MOON ANGEL] EMChEBA, 13th Day of Lunar Cycle, Immortality

** *The Moon Angels of Immortality *** *Angels of /‘E-M-Ch-E-B-A’/*** *13th Day of Lunar Cycle***** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *Beloved,*** * It is written,* *
Cynthia Schlosser
10:54 AM

[ANGEL] 6 Virgo, the Angels of Teaching

* *MotherMary.notsame *6 degrees Virgo The Angels of Teaching Also known as The Angels of Zagriona Beloved, ***Great is the joy in heaven when a teacher and
Cynthia Schlosser
6:59 AM

[ANGEL] VULCAN STATIONS RETROGRADE 11 Virgo, The Angels of Honor, Es

/*Today, Vulcan, the astrological point of magical tools of victory, goes retrograde at 11 Virgo, The Heavenly Hosts of Honor, Esteem, and Success in Business.
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 27

[ANGEL] 5 Virgo, The Angels of Love, Harmony, and Beauty

** *5 degrees Virgo * *The Angels of LOVE, HARMONY, AND BEAUTY** *** Also known as** *The Angels of * *Girmil * *Beloved, * *Through grace and mercy, and all
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 27

[MOON ANGEL] EMKEBPE, 12th Day of Lunar Cycle, Marriage and True Lov

** ** *The Moon Angels of Marriage & True Love* *Angels of /‘E-M-K-E-B-P-E’/* *12th Day of Lunar Cycle***** ** ** ** ** ** * **Beloved, */*‘We promote
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 26

[ANGEL] 4 Virgo, The Angels of Flowers

*Today the sun and Jupiter conjunct at 4 Virgo, The Heavenly Hosts of Flowers. Today, preparing us for the full moon coming this Saturday, Sun and Jupiter
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 26

[MOON ANGEL] EBVEP, 11th Day of Lunar Cycle, Mystical Influence

*The Moon Angels of Mystical Influence* *Angels of* /‘E-B-V-E-P’/ *11th Day of Lunar Cycle * /Beloved, //‘When Divine Providence ordains that it is
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 25

[ANGEL] 3 Virgo, The Angels of Art

*** * * * Young_Accent_of_the_light_30x40-f *Archangel Michael /by Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser oil on linen 1979/ 3 degrees Virgo The Angels of Art Also known
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 25

[MOON ANGEL] EMNYMAR, 10th Day of Lunar Cycle, Pregnancy and Childbi

http://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/brighteningthepath.gif ** ** *The Moon Angels of Pregnancy & Childbirth* * Angels of /‘E-M-N-Y-M-A-R’/***
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 24

[ANGEL] 2 Virgo, The Angels of Inventions

*2 degrees Virgo The Angels of Inventions Also known as The Angels of Bruahi Beloved, We are the protector of all inventions in the Akasha-principle, so that
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 24

[MOON ANGEL] EMZHEBYP, 9th Day of Lunar Cycle, Psychosomatic Healing

** ** *The Moon Angels of Psychosomatic Healing* * Angels of /‘E-M-Z-H-E-B-Y-P’/* ***9th Day of Lunar Cycle***** ** ** ** ** ** * **Beloved, When a person
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 23

[ANGEL] 1 Virgo, The Angels of Politics

* **/ /* *Image 1 degree Virgo The Angels of Politics Also known as The Angels of Peresch Beloved, In the Constellation of Virgo, a person acts with
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 23

[ANGEL] Special Carl Boudreau;

*Today the sun is still in 30 Leo, which was sent yesterday.** **The moon message for today was also sent yesterday.** ** **Because Carl Boudreau is one of the
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 22

[MOON ANGEL] ENEYE, 8th Day of Lunar Cycle ~ Politics

*The Moon Angels of Politics* * Angels of /‘E-N-E-Y-E’/* ** *8th Day of Lunar Cycle * *Beloved,* * *We assist all diplomats and politicians who* *espouse
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 21

[ANGEL] 30 Leo, The Angels of Mastery of Storms

* * ***30 degrees Leo The Angels of Mastery of Storms Also known as *The Angels of Carona Beloved, On the path to spiritual perfection and mastery of
Cynthia Schlosser
Aug 21
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