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(Revised) Poised to manifest the Invisible Gold Rush of Life in Alberta

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  • Benoit
    Humanity is so late on what now calls for that, most of what we can see happen 10 years down the road, is actually needed now! How do we remediate and catch
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2006
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      Humanity is so late on what "now" calls for that, most of what we can see happen 10 years down the road, is actually needed now! How do we remediate and catch up with the delay?

      The Canadian province of Alberta is built on 3 consecutive klondikes in one century. Gold for motivation, green for survival and black klondike for future possibilities of the unknown. All 3 klondikes have drawn a variety of people from all over the world to come and to make a life for themselves.
      The fundamental welcome from everyone to everyone in Alberta, is to respect the personal freedom and capacity to participate and to grow from integrity, courage and dedication so as to establish one's reputation directly in the community.
      With a new leader recently elected ito the Alberta's ruling party, the new leader can now hire the exiting leader, Mr. Klein, to deploy as a citizen, all the answers to all the questions of democracy, so as to fill the gaps of transparency from his time in office until comes in sight, the organic, green beauty of living and of governing, while our economy moves upon humanity's recovery road, being reconciled into a mature people of all people across the province and then , invested into the fabric of the country, Canada, who is hosting the embryo of the local scene for the global reality that humanity needs to have as a practical ground to grow from.
      Here is a letter, describing how such a scene is theoratically grounded in a definite possibility of opportunity: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/message/1938

      The Alberta's political mission is to economically ignite the most focused student movement on earth, from the craddle to the grave. The possibility and the duty of Alberta's leading minds, is to help the community self-governing model to spread from Alberta to coast to coast to coast.
      This initiative can be adapted into a socio-economic movement to manage comfortably a sudden ground swell of participation and commintment to renewal, from hopefully most of the 60% of Albertans who cannot see the point of voting anymore as well as from the old guard of the electorate.

      Because of how fast the demographic and technological growth evolves, Alberta's top priority is now to consolidate the first 3 klondikes into "the invisible gold rush of being Albertans". We need to raise the focus on cultivating the real value of social capital from person to person from home to school to work to leisure by removing the built-in conflict of interest between tax paying and governing.
      A poor social capital grows poorer when the word community is used everywhere but all we see is an accumulation of red tape to safely engage neighbours in controlled environments, vehicle drivers and night life which are becoming more and more tensed and aggressive. Such poverty snowballs to create a synthetic community.
      Albertans' road ahead is for the organic community to grow democracy itself from out of the command and control structuring groove that we are forced into at the moment, and to renew human interactions with the culture of social capital networking and community self-government. The organic community shall then prevail over the synthetic, systematic and robotic future that we now see on our horizon.
      The promotion of this vision is compatible with all green ideals and that is why I propose for yhe political leadership carry the inspiration message right where it can be heard. Albertans cannot afford to look elsewhere than to welcome the Faculty of Living as the live common denominator of justice amongst us all.
      Justice does not live in the law, it lives in the heart and in the spirit and between us as persons. In a historic nut shell, this message needs to get across to Albertans in complete clarity by saying that "governing ourselves must go from "bingo to Eureka!"! That would be: Investing our time, energy and attention to research and develop the communal focus from self-destruction to self-control and community self-governing.
      So to that end, the first thing that political leadership does, is to embody the following-of-the-lead that gives shape and direction to the ignited inspiration within and amongst them.

      As the community self-governing model grows into becoming the Personal Sector, serenity settles into the private and public sectors interactions, from the street to jail, so that from home to school to work to play, life gets to rise from out of the grip of death's subliminal rule upon our individual and communal connection.
      As a result, the waves of terror-anti-terror begin to subside because distortion gives way to cristalisation from clarity. In being and in doing so, the disciplines of Spiritual Hygiene 101 (SH101) come in full sight for all sites of human endeavor. Regarding Spiritual Hygiene101: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A13728035

      SH101offers a window for the connectivity of individuals which reaches across the spectrum from the underground people to the governing people. It offers people who live under the effects of adversity to get smoothed down in a massaging motion of serenity, activating the socio-cultural healing. Poverty becomes then history because wealth transfers from materialism to the invisible gold rush!
      Please note that political participation without the commiment to renewal is what adds up to mindless political hype. That is where the line is between militant and radiant. To be the change, comes from radiant energy and not from militant hype. Let us not be militant, OK?
      Serenity is what we need and it does not come with hype. That is what "the following of the lead is all about, which means that from such a motion as the Invisible Gold Rush, Albertans can surf the tide of global acitivity and reach the shores of the sanity of universal citizenship, where from our privileged relation to the United States becomes the starting point to deal with the State of the Union's oil addiction and its conversion, by addressing the essence of the problem ourselves, with the model to demonstrate how healthy humanity's State of the Union can be!
      Here is the link to the energy alternative that gives Albertans the means by which to by-pass the current politics of command and control of the fossil fuel ownership, by investing our collective wealth into the sustainable future of energy that cleans the air when burning: http://algaeworld.blogspot.com/

      Here is a proposal to spark up such a vision. It is an initiative called: Healing the Inner Circle": http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A9247296

      Here is how we can proceed from personal to communal and from local to global, with a complete adaptation of scale from micro to macre socio-economics: http://www.valuetrue.com/home/default.cfm
      ...all blessings be with us all...

      Benoit Couture
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