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Should class action lawsuits be forced into federal court?

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  • activist_xs
    How would YOU like to influence a piece of congressional legislation? Doesn t that sound like fun? That s what The People s Email Network is all about. So
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      How would YOU like to influence a piece of congressional legislation? Doesn't that sound like fun? That's what The People's Email Network is all about. So let's just do it! This week the Congress will try to fast track proposals to restrict class action lawsuits to federal court, even where existing state remedies might be more effective. Unless you raise your voice now this thing is going to be rammed through in a matter of days. What do you think Congress should do?

      Here is an easy one-click forms you can use make your voice heard. It automatically looks up your senators and house representative and sends them your personal message all at the same time:


      Do you want our representatives in Washington to stand up for you more often? We must back them up with our vocal support if we expect them to fight for us on this or any issue. The People's Email Network encourages you to speak out and keep speaking out, regardless of your political position, until our representatives truly hear you.

      And now you can have your own custom Issue Action Center featuring any issue of interest to you for you for no charge. It's an amazingly small block of HTML code you can drop into any web page anywhere for an instant dynamic action menu effect. And we will set up a corresponding issue action page on The People's Email Network for you too. Pursue your own policy initiative! See the code in action at


      Please forward this message and post these links everywhere you can to everyone you know.
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