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Re: Hi....newbie here with loads of questions.....

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  • tinahosko
    Hi Jenn, So sorry that you are going through this. I had crazy IU with my son beginning at 16 weeks. Once I hit 23 weeks I was having contractions every 10
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 28, 2009
      Hi Jenn,

      So sorry that you are going through this. I had crazy IU with my son
      beginning at 16 weeks. Once I hit 23 weeks I was having contractions
      every 10 minutes. At that point I was put on Procardia (Nifedipine)
      every 4 hours and bed rest. The meds did not stop the contractions at
      all. Once I was 32 weeks I was contracting every 2-3 minutes until
      delivery, which happened at 36 weeks-the day after I went off the
      meds. The Procardia did not lessen the amount of contractions I had
      but I think it reduced the intensity. My cervix stayed long and
      closed until the day I delivered, despite the millions of

      Good luck and feel free to email me if you need support. IU
      pregnancies are soooooooo hard!


      --- In lotsofcontractions@yahoogroups.com, "jenniepeddy"
      <jenniepeddy@...> wrote:
      > Just a little background about me....this is my 3rd pregnancy, but
      > have no living children at home. My first ended in miscarriage at
      > 12 wks; my second resulted in a beautiful baby boy (Hewitt) who was
      > born via vaginal delivery after just 22 wks gestation. He had
      > triploidy (rare chromosome abnormality) and only lived for 2
      > precious hours. After having Hewitt I experienced a lot of medical
      > problems and was dx with interstitial cystitis ("IC" aka painful
      > bladder syndrome) and pelvic floor dysfunction. I was also dx with
      > secondary infertility. A year after Hewitt's birth/death, my hubby
      > and I started trying for another baby. After receiving the
      > infertility dx we were discouraged, but found out we were pregnant
      > again 5 days before we were supposed to meet with a IVF dr. We
      > even more surprised to find out at our first sonogram that we were
      > having twins! (Found out later we are having b/g twins!!)
      > This pregnancy started out rather uneventful. At about 16wks we
      > thought my IC was getting much worse as I was experiencing severe
      > menstrual cramps (IC pain feels really severe menstrual cramps).
      > Everyone chalked up the cramps to the IC and I was told there was
      > nothing they could do. At 25wks, the cramps got much worse -- the
      > pain was an 8 of 10. My dr didn't think I was in labor as my fFN
      > test had been negative, but told me to go to L&D just in case.
      > they hooked me up to the machine it was clear this wasn't just IC
      > pain...I was having at least 25-30 "baby contractions" an hour with
      > a few bigger contractions thrown into the mix. I was immediately
      > given nifedipine, some kind of ibuprofen, etc. They never admitted
      > me, but I was in triage for more than 12 hours trying various
      > of meds. I was sent home on modified bed rest and told to take the
      > nifedipine (20mg) every 4 hours. A week later the dose was
      > increased to every 3 hours. Once the contractions were under
      > control, I had no IC symptoms. :-)
      > Over the last 5 weeks I have had good days and bad days. I was
      > released from bed rest at 28wks and told I could resume my
      > activities as long as the contractions didn't get worse -- yeah
      > right. I have essentially had to remain on bedrest, drinking tons
      > of water, and still been taking the nifedipine every 3 hrs. If I
      > try to go shopping or to the office (trying to resume activities) I
      > pay for it for at least a day or two...if not more. Now at 30wks,
      > the nifedipine is not working as well as it used to. Instead of
      > essentially having very little issues while on the meds, now I am
      > having a lot of menstrual like pain despite the meds. So far my
      > tests have come up negative and my cervix is still closed. (They
      > stopped measuring it at 24wks, but it had been very long the whole
      > time...3.6 or higher)
      > Has anyone else been on nifedipine and it just stopped working?
      > what did their dr do? Anyone been put on terbutaline or mag
      > sulfate...even when their cervix wasn't changing? And, is it
      > supposed to be this painful? (Many a day I would give anything to
      > have an epi for just a few hours to get out of this pain!) Anyone
      > been dx with irritable uterus and delivered super early? I am so
      > nervous for my twins right now....I want to make it to at least
      > 34wks.
      > Sorry this is so long. I am so glad I am not the only one with
      > these issues. I don't exactly fit into the preterm labor category
      > (since no cervix changes), but contractions have to be somewhat
      > strong since they appear on the machines and there are so many of
      > them. Very frustrating!
      > Thanks in advance for all the advice, info and support.
      > Jenn
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