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Re: [loopantennas] CRT Degaussing coil, anybody tried one for a loop

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  • Tim Hills
    No problem Phil. I had the same idea years ago when repairing TVs was my bread and butter. The one I experimented with was out of a 25 Zenith System II (?)
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 7, 2012
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      No  problem Phil.

      I had the same idea years ago when repairing TVs was my bread and butter.

      The one I experimented with was out of a 25" Zenith System II (?) console. The self resonance of the degaussing coil was about 80KHz so one might be useful for a WWVB receiver.

      Tim Hills
      Sioux Falls, SD

      On 4/7/2012 16:47, Phil wrote:

      Thank you Tim,
      I was afraid that was the case, but thought I'd ask anyway as the price
      was right. Later this summer, before the winter listening season sets
      in I plan on building a Varactor remote tuned loop for the 200-530KHz
      range, something small enough to fit on a rotator above the roofline,
      but large enough to hear something :)

      73 de Phil, KO6BB
      http://ko6bb1.multiply.com/ (OTR Blog)
      http://www.qsl.net/ko6bb/ (Web Page)

      Grundigs: Satellit 750 (2011), S-350 (2006)& G6 (2011).
      Icom: R-75 with Two 250Hz CW Filters.
      Kenwood: TS130S HF Transceiver (circa 1980).
      Radio Shack: DX-380 digital portable (circa 1990).
      RFspace: SDR-IQ (circa 2012)
      Zenith: Royal-7000 Transoceanic (circa 1969).

      ACCESSORIES: Homebrewed LF Pre-Amp, MFJ-949E HF Tuner
      Homebrewed 6 Hz Filter.

      ANTENNAS: 88' Long Ladder-line fed dipole, Apex at 35 feet.
      Ratzlaff Active Whip up 24 feet for LF/MW
      Merced, Central California, 37.3N 120.48W CM97sh

      On 4/7/2012 8:40 PM, Tim Hills wrote:
      > Phil:
      > Too many turns close together, distributed capacitance on those is
      > VERY high. Most post-tube degaussing coils are an Aluminum alloy wire
      > that has high resistance so even if you could tune it the Q would be
      > very low anyway.
      > Might be useful on VLF or ELF since it was designed for 50-60Hz.
      > Unwound the wire is too soft to use as antenna wire.
      > Hooked up to a 12VAC/1A or better transformer you could probably use
      > it as a degaussing coil...
      > Tim Hills
      > Sioux Falls, SD
      > On 4/7/2012 12:37, Phil wrote:
      >> Hi All,
      >> I just found an old TV in the dumpster that had it's back off, so I
      >> snagged the circuit board (good for parts) and the degaussing coil. At
      >> first I passed the coil by, but then on second thought went back and
      >> snagged it.
      >> It's resistance reads 20 Ohms, so it must have a fair number of turns in
      >> it. When spread out in rough circle it's a bit over 3 feet in diameter.
      >> Question: Has anybody tried using one as an "untuned loop" for LF
      >> (perhaps in the 200-530KCs range)? If so, how well did it work?

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