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Re: [Shortwave-SWL-Antenna] Fw: [K9AYloop] Re: Mini-K9AY

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  • aimo ruoho
    Sorry, because there was a _ missing on the address, that I wrote, it gave a zero result... So, the right email address is the following:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2008
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      Sorry, because there was a "_" missing on the address, that I wrote, it gave a zero result...
      So, the right email address is the following:
      I hope,that this came right this time.(Pse look at the original email from Martin@...)
      My apologies.
      73 de Ami

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      From: aimo ruoho <aimounto@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2008 10:19:45 PM
      Subject: [Shortwave-SWL-Antenna] Fw: [K9AYloop] Re: Mini-K9AY

      Hello, folks!
      Here you will see information, that will be revolutionary!
      Please examine the following address:
      http://www.ok1rr com/e107plugins/ content/content. php?content. 76
      73 de Ami

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      From: Martin Kratoska <martin@ok1rr. com>
      To: K9AYloop@yahoogroup s.com
      Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 9:51:23 AM
      Subject: Re: [K9AYloop] Re: Mini-K9AY

      Slightly off-topic, but there is another very interesting small RX
      antenna - The W2PM Mini Diamond Receiving Flag

      http://www.ok1rr com/e107_ plugins/content/ content.php? content.76

      In contrary to the mini K9AY preliminary study it is proven design which
      works. My ~15 dB 2x 2N5109 preamp plus the internal preamp in my Orion
      were not the best but it does listen... The main advantage is that this
      antenna is ground-independent and can be built as rotatable.

      Martin, OK1RR

      Aimo Unto Olavi RUOHO napsal(a):
      > Thank you very much for your expert email with interesting and well
      > made information, Sir!
      > Are you sure,that instead of the 1:4 transformer I have to use a 1:9
      > one? One of these days I will build a 1:9 transformer, too, and test
      > it. I understood, that because my Mini-K9AY uses only 3.69 meter long
      > wire, it would need a 1:4 transformer. .. As terminal resistor I used a
      > 150 Ohm one only. It gives me all frequencies from LW to SW and an
      > unexpectedly high Front/Back-Ratio. I am going to test a linear
      > potentiometer one day soon, to see, if there will be any hope to make
      > things even better...
      > You see, it's the trial and error method, that makes me breath and
      > full of joy, if things work as expected! If I knew all in advance, why
      > continue using my time to build anything?
      > I built "the Mini-Wonder" following the text , drawing and measures
      > given. I am not a technician or mathematic genius, and I do not own
      > expencive meters or computer programs, so I am very dependable of what
      > I see and read and hear after having built and tested this antenna in
      > practice.
      > I used it inside and connected it through my Wellbrook ALA 100M
      > Amplifier to my TEN-TEC RX3040 DSP Receiver. It is very directive and
      > as is, boosts the signals more than I could expect in advance.
      > You see, I am a pessimist, who does not dare to be too optimistic with
      > these new things, but my curiosity makes me do things like this from
      > year to year...
      > Anyway, I want to thank you for taking the time for measuring and
      > publishing the beneficial information for all us semi-ignorants to see
      > and wonder. Good work! I hope, that you will be seen more with your
      > emails here in the near future.
      > Please be happy and prosper!
      > 73 de Ami
      > --- In K9AYloop@yahoogroup s.com, Martin Kratoska <martin@...> wrote:
      >> My analysis of the mini K9AY is here:
      >> http://www.ok1rr com/e107_ plugins/content/ content.php? content.104
      >> 73,
      >> Martin, OK1RR
      >> Bill Whitacre napsal(a):
      >>> Now if we only had an English translation!
      >>> bw
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