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Re: [loopantennas] da loop

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  • fraz1
    Scott, I don t think you ll see a any significant impact form the metal poles; probably none at all. The homebrew ladder line may provide a broader SWR than
    Message 1 of 3 , May 11, 2008

      I don't think you'll see a any significant impact form the metal poles; probably none at all.

      The homebrew ladder line "may" provide a broader SWR than commercial 450 ohm line. But, given you're balanced tuner, I'd opt for the 450 ohm commercial window line. W7FG offers "real" open line around 600 ohms for a good price.

      Put it up, and have fun.

      73 John K4NP www.k4np.net
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      Thanks to all of you for your previous replys on my questions regarding
      the big loop antenna. Things have changed and I have been blessed with
      opportunity to fulfill 2 of my dreams. #1 is being able to have enough
      land at my disposal to put up any antenna that I desire. The close 2nd
      is dog training. Anyway, I want to be able to have a 160 meter loop
      and feed it with ladder line. My thought is to support the loop on all
      4 sides with 50 feet of cyclone fence posts, stuck together and guyed
      with dacron rope. I have plenty of room for this monster, but my
      questions are.......what will my supports do to the performance of the
      antenna (should I use the fence post approach, wood or pvc around the
      fence post as an insulator) and should I feed this with 450 ohm or
      homemade open wire line. If homemade, then what should the spaceing
      be? My tuner is the MFJ 974HB going to a Icom PRO 3 running 100 watts
      for now. As far as the feed line length goes, well, it can be as far
      away from the house as it needs. Thanks again for your reply



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